Honors ENGL 316-080

Peer Tutoring and Advanced Composition

Spring 2014
048 Memorial Hall
TR from 2:00 to 3:15
Syllabus: Syllabus for ENGL 316-080 2014S
Conferences and presentations: Combined schedule 2014S

Instructor: Ray Peters
Office: Room 302, 186 S. College Ave.
Conference hours: 8-12 on MWF and by appointment
Office telephone: (302) 831-8567
E-mail: rpeters@udel.edu
WWW: www.udel.edu/honors/rpeters

ENGL 316 Peer Tutoring and Advanced Composition 

ENGL 316 is an advanced composition course with a focus on responding to writing at the college level. Students will receive training in peer tutoring through the study of composition theory, hands-on experience with peer editing and conferencing, and several writing projects. The course will prepare students to tutor peers at many stages of the writing process. In addition, they will learn how to meet the many different needs of students on writing projects typically used in the academic world: exposition, analysis, argumentation, and research. Students who complete this course with a B+ or higher will have the option of working as peer tutors in the UHP Writing Fellows Program next year.

ENGL 316 satisfies the College of Arts & Science Second Writing Requirement for students with junior or senior status. Combined with a semester’s service as a Writing Fellow, the course also satisfies the Discovery Learning Requirement.

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For more information, contact rpeters@udel.edu.

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