ARSC390-082 Honors Colloquium

The Art of Medicine

Fall 2014
124 Memorial Hall
MWF 11:15 – 12:05
Syllabus: Syllabus for ARSC390-082 2014F
Research conferences: TBD

Instructor: Ray Peters
Office: Room 302, 186 S. College Ave.
Conference hours: 8-11 on TR and by appointment
Office telephone: (302) 831-8567
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Course description

We will explore connections between the arts and medicine by looking at the patient-doctor relationship, the interpretation of illness, the duties and responsibilities of medical professionals, bioethics, death and dying, and other topics in medicine. Using stories, plays, films, essays, memoirs, poems, and the visual arts, we will examine the many challenges faced by medical professionals and patients as they deal with birth, death, health, illness, suffering, treatment, and recovery. We will study works by doctors and nurses who are also accomplished authors (such as Anton Chekhov, William Carlos Williams, Atul Gawande, Richard Selzer, Cortney Davis, Jeanne Brynner, and David Hilfiker) as well as provocative works on medical themes, such as Wit, Equus, and Angels in America. Students will write brief response papers, analytical essays, and a research paper analyzing the connection between medicine and the arts by focusing on an author or artist of their choice.

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