ARSC293-080 Honors Forum

Intellect and the Good Life

Spring 2014
126 Memorial Hall
Wednesdays 3:35-4:35
Syllabus: Syllabus for ARSC 293-080 2014S

Instructor: Ray Peters
Office: Room 302, 186 S. College Ave.
Conference hours: 8-12 on MWF and by appointment
Office telephone: (302) 831-8567

Course description

This forum is designed for second-year students who want to become thought leaders and change agents. Its focus is putting your brain to good use. We will reflect upon the connection between intellect and the good life and examine the ways intellectuals (broadly defined) work in the world. Our objective is to prepare you to discuss in detail your goals and future plans. Among the questions we will consider are the following: What problem do you want to solve? What issue keeps you awake at night? What role do you want to play in shaping policies—at the local, national, and international levels? How will you conduct yourself ethically in your profession? How does your background shape who you are and who you will become?

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