Fall Tutorial (UNIV 490) and HD Seminar (UNIV 495) Form

This form is intended for students wishing to enroll in the Honors Tutorial (UNIV490) or Honors Degree Seminar (UNIV 495) only. The minimum GPA to enroll in these capstone courses is typically a 3.40. Priority is given to students who have an Honors Degree application on file and who are requesting to take the course in one of their last 2 semesters. Further priority will be given to those who are graduating immediately following their enrollment in the course and to those who would be unable to take a capstone in their final semester because of student teaching or studying abroad. All other requests will be considered in the order they are received and based on GPA. Submission of this form does not guarantee enrollment in the course. Enrollment in these courses will not take place until after May 15th. Please do not contact individual faculty members or departments to enroll in UNIV 490 or UNIV 495.

(Note: We do not over-enroll Honors courses. If you are requesting a seat after enrollment has taken place, there must be a seat available in order for your request to be considered.)

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Honors course(s) requested (include desired section number and alternates in order of preference):
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If course is available, please drop the following course(s). If not applicable, enter "None":
(e.g. ENGL312-011)

Note: Please check the Honors coursebook for Tutorial section and Seminar description(s) and check the courses search for times.


Note: You will receive a confirmation screen if your course registration form is submitted successfully. If you do not receive the confirmation message or if you have other difficulties with the form, please contact us at honorsprogram@udel.edu.

Honors Courses

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Approved Capstone Courses

At the end of their course of study, UD students integrate their previous work in a culminating experience such as a senior seminar, group project, or similar activity. Please consult the Capstone course list for courses that have been approved for the Honors Degree and Honors Degree with Distinction.

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