Michael Rowley

Senior, Class of 2013

Major(s): Exercise Science

Why I chose UDHP: I first looked at UD because we have some family friends who are active in the UD Alumni Community. It has the perfect mix of large student body opportunities with small campus friendliness.

My Research Interests: I have always been interested in physiology and biomechanics since I started taking those courses at UD. I thought that my passion for dance would be a hobby until I no longer had time to continue it. It wasn't until I discovered the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science that I realized there was a way I could combine these two passions into one research track and career path. Dr. James Richards has allowed me to conduct my own biomechanics research projects in lab investigating dance and lower extremity topics. I am applying to graduate schools where I will be able to do a thesis in a dance science or dance injury prevention field. I hope one day to be a prominent researcher in the field.

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