Jennifer McCord

Class of 2011

The Reason I chose UD: As a high school senior, I had no idea what I wanted.  I applied to 11 colleges and universities just to keep my options open: big, small, close to home, as far away as I could get, public, private, etc. To be completely honest, I had applied to so many schools (and was so relieved to be finished applying) that I forgot I had applied to Delaware until I got my acceptance letter. I visited the campus over Distinguished Scholars (DiScho) weekend with every intention of hating it--by that time, I was almost positive I would go to a small liberal arts college.  Despite my best efforts, I fell in love with UD that weekend. The students I met were down-to-earth and open, the professors were engaged (and some, hilarious--I sat at Dr. Munson's table), and somehow the campus already felt familiar to me.  Finances played a big role in my decision, so getting a merit scholarship certainly helped, but mostly it came down to how comfortable I felt.  I could clearly see myself spending the next four years here.  Now, standing on the other side of those four years, it's pretty clear I made the right choice.

Most influential UD professor: Dr. Marsha Dickson is the most influential professor I've had.  Not only did she take the time to sit down with me freshman year and help me piece together my own major, but she has continued to support, advise, and open doors for me for the past four years.  Last fall, she took me with her to the Fair Labor Association's board meetings in Gaoming, China, so I could see firsthand how a multi-stakeholder initiative works.  This winter, she came to Guatemala with me to assist me with interviews and data collection for my senior thesis.  Furthermore, she's done all of this on top of one of the world's busiest schedules.  I'm grateful for her patience, guidance, and expertise.

Favorite Honors experience: This might be cheating, but my favorite non-classroom Honors experience has been Freshman Honors housing.  Living with a bunch of people who enjoy learning as much as I do and who had fascinating stories and interests had a profound impact on my college experience.  I still live with three of those people I met on my hall freshman year, and I plan to keep many more as friends for life.

I couldn't imagine the UD Honors Program without . . . Jama Allegretto Lynch.  She has worked miracles on countless schedules for the sake of helping students to follow their passions and make the most of their time here.  She is an outstanding advisor: when I was had no idea what i wanted to do, she reassured me that it was completely normal to be clueless, and when I decided on a major that didn't yet exist, she helped me make it happen. 

At UD, I am most involved in . . . Lori's Hands (a volunteer group on campus), and the Writing Fellows program.

What does the UDHP mean to me? The Honors program means community.  It means recognizing great ideas and making them happen.  It means taking students seriously.

When I'm up late studying . . . I crave Pita Pit

My favorite Honors Program and UD traditions are . . . DiScho dinner lectures.

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