Jasmine Macies

Class of 2012

The Reason I chose UD: I mainly chose UD for my major. When I looked at other schools they had great facilities and course offerings but when I met the professors at UD they seemed genuinely interested in what I wanted to learn and in helping me to succeed with my dreams. In addition the study abroad programs offered during winter session is a great bonus!

Most influential UD professor: Dr. Robert Dyer has been the most influential professor I've had at UD. His enthusiasm in the classroom and interest in the courses he teaches is inspiring and reminds me why I chose UD and why I am pursuing my major.

Favorite Honors experience: Serving as a Russell Fellow for the 2009-2010 academic year was definitely my favorite non-classroom experience. It was very rewarding to get to know so many new people and to work closely with many of the faculty involved with the Honors Program.

I couldn't imagine the UD Honors Program without . . . Russell Fellows, (and not just because I was one!) but because they work so hard to make the transition to UD the best experience it can be.

At UD, I am most involved in . . . I am most involved in Greek Life, serving as a cabinet member of Greek Council and as a founding sister in Gamma Phi Beta. I am also a tutor for the Academic Enrichment Center.

What does the UDHP mean to me? To me the UD Honors Program has provided a way for me to push myself academically to be the best I can be, and has provided additional learning experiences outside the classroom that would not otherwise be possible.

When I'm up late studying . . . I usually crave NDB (Newark Deli Bagel), but more than that I love a good late night trip to WaWa!

My favorite Honors Program and UD traditions are . . . I think homecoming is my favorite UD tradition. The school always decorates with Blue and Gold everywhere and all the students have so much Blue Hen pride, it's a great part of fall semester.

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