Ryan Leonard

Junior, Class of 2014

Major(s): Political Science & History

Why I chose UDHP: The Honors Program at UD prides itself on fostering a community of intellectual stimulation and personalized attention as it assists its students in navigating an often difficult and confusing academic journey. At such a large school, that kind of dedication is invaluable, and it's what enticed me to apply for the Honors Program.

My Experience Applying for the Truman Scholarship: The Truman Application has required a great deal of soul-searching. All of a sudden it has become necessary to think long-term, past my university studies, to envision the kind of person I may become. In place of fairly nondescript career goals, I have been forced to consider exactly how I think I am able to positively impact the world. Although the process at first seemed daunting, it has allowed me to form a clearer picture for what my future may hold, and it has been an honor representing the university as one of their two candidates.

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