Max Kramer

Class of 2013

The Reason I chose UD: I chose UD because it was a prime location, amazing campus, and great education for the price.  Everything about UD appealed to me and although it did not start out as my top school, as the grueling college application process went on it certainly made it up there.

Most influential UD professor: I'd have to say my most influential professor has to be Professor Ralph Begleiter because his course, National Agenda has been the most interesting I've ever taken.  Getting the chance to meet, have dinner with and hear influential speakers from the field of political science has been an experience that you could not place a value on.  Professor Begleiter's course is interesting and enticing as is the way he runs it and this is why I'd have to say he's my most influential professor.

Favorite Honors experience: My favorite Honors experience outside of the classroom would have to be getting the chance, through the National Agenda Honors section, to film the questions that would be asked to the Senate candidates in Delaware, now Senator Chris Coons and Christine O'Donnell.

I couldn't imagine the UD Honors Program without . . . the extremely helpful staff.  I say this because every time I've needed absolutely anything, the staff at the Honors office has been so helpful with anything and everything.

At UD, I am most involved in . . . Model United Nations and the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity.

What does the UDHP mean to me? It means making my experience at UD the best possible it can be.  The Honors Program really shapes my college experience, whether it be shrinking the size and raising the intimacy of my classes, or providing me with invaluable outside the classroom experiences, if it weren't for the Honors Program my experience here at UD would certainly be very very different.

When I'm up late studying . . . I crave Newark Deli and Bagel on Main Street. (Sadly it's not open that late!)

My favorite Honors Program and UD traditions are . . . My favorite Honors Program tradition is putting all Honors students together in the Russell dorms freshman year because I can safely say that it is because of this that I made some of my best friends that I can guarantee will continue to be my best friends through college and certainly beyond.

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