Carys Golesworthy

Class of 2011

The Reason I chose UD: I chose UD for a number of reasons... the great academic programs, it's proximity to a cute college town and of course the beautiful campus. But if I were to try and sum up my overall decision I would have to say that it was the great sense of community I felt at UD. The students I saw on campus walked around sporting their UD apparel and truly wanted to be here. They really made UD something I wanted to be a part of.

Most influential UD professor: Ken Lewis, of the Economics Department. It was clear that his main goal was not to try and make sure students got good grades but instead to make sure that students really understood the material thoroughly. Dr. Lewis made every possible effort to make this happen and make himself available to students, from giving us his cell number so we could call him with questions before the test, to agreeing to drive to his office on a moment's notice.

Favorite Honors experience: Every year the honors program holds a big dance in Kent Dining Hall. My sophomore year the theme was a Masquerade Ball and my friends and I had so much fun! The masks we got at that ball still sit in our "dress-up box" and we like to break them out at certain occasions!

I couldn't imagine the UD Honors Program without . . . ... Susan Katz. One of the best parts about the Honors Program is that I always feel like I'm in good hands, and that everything is under control (and that is sometimes a hard feeling to get about your undergraduate career!). Susan Katz has been a big part of this. It is never hard to get an appointment with the staff in the Honors Program or arrange a meeting thanks to her great organization skills. She is always understanding, and she always manages to call you back or to email you back almost immediately after you contact her, no matter what!

At UD, I am most involved in . . . Blue Hen Ambassadors, Lori's Hands Volunteer Organization, Model United Nations

What does the UDHP mean to me? I'm a tour guide for the school, and prospective students often ask me about whether the Honors classes are much harder than traditional classes. I've found that it can be a really complicated answer.  Honors classes I've taken at the University of Delaware have challenged me much more than traditional classes, yet that doesn't always mean the classes are harder. I've found that Honors classes encourage me to participate, get involved, and truly delve into the material I'm learning, instead of just being a passive learner. I'm able to build great relationships with my professors, and get to know my peers really well too. Overall, the Honors Program is not just an academic program, it is a truly an experience.

When I'm up late studying . . . I crave green pepper and buffalo chicken pizza from Margherita's Pizza.

My favorite Honors Program and UD traditions are . . . Munson's Study Break of course! Sometimes either when I was studying too hard (or not studying at all) it was nice to allow myself to take a break at Munson's. He would provide all the best foods (but not the healthiest...) and my friends and I would make a point to go and hang out for a bit every Wednesday.

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