Jess Applebaum

Junior, Class of 2014

Major(s): Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Why I chose UDHP: The Honors Degree and Honors Degree with Distinction are prestigious degrees, which was one of my reasons for choosing UDHP. I liked the fact that I would be living with fellow Honors students freshmen year in an academically-oriented environment. I chose UDHP because Honors classes are typically smaller than other classes, allowing you to be more engaged in class, interact with notable professors and dig deeper into topics of interest. I also liked that there are many activities and enriching opportunities offered to Honors students, and that the staff is always so willing to help. I'm glad I chose UDHP.

My Experience as a Russell Fellow: AMAZING! I love my job so much! It's so great to be able to live in Honors freshmen housing as an upperclassman because you get to share the enthusiasm of new students and be an integral part of such a close-knit and academically-oriented community.

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