Melanie Allen

Junior, Class of 2014

Major(s): Agriculture and Natural Resources & Wildlife Conservation

Why I chose UDHP: Being accepted into the Honors Program had a huge influence on my decision. Although I liked the idea of being at a big school, I also enjoyed the thought of feeling part of a small community as well. Throughout high school I challenged myself by taking Honors classes; I wanted to follow similar suit for my college experience.

My Experience as a Writing Fellow: I decided to apply to be a Writing Fellow because of the wonderful experience I had with my Writing Fellow as a freshman. When I first came to UD, I was an anxious, first year student with little direction. My Writing Fellow was of great assistance, proving to be patient, instructive, and always willing to help. The most rewarding part of being involved in the Writing Fellow Program is having the chance to do whatever I can to ameliorate the transition from high school to college level writing. At the least, I can offer a sense of empathy and understanding to the students that I work with, as I underwent the same experience.

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