2014 Senior Fellows

Annette Brocks
Year: 2017
Major(s): University Studies (Potential Dean Scholar- Chemistry, Asian Studies, Energy and Environmental Policy
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Service Trips, BHLP, Research, Traveling, Napping, Photobombing, Snacking
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Our own "Hunger Games" complete with nerf weapons; an Eat-At-Every-Main-Street-Restaurant Series
What are you looking forward to about being a Senior Fellow? I am so excited to help plan events so upperclassmen can continue to have an Honors living experience!
Jennifer Jung
Year: 2017
Major(s): Human Services
Minor(s): Educational Studies
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: buildOn at UD, Concert Choir, UDSAA, Taste of UD, Science for the Common Hen, Volunteer at the Early Learning Center, Making music, Collecting earrings, Internet nonsense, Watching movies
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Coffeehouses, Karaoke nights, Group outings, Mug-decorating
What are you looking forward to about being a Senior Fellow? Gaining programming experience, meeting new people, and living with friends while being in a position to aid others
Kristen Danek
Year: 2016
Major(s): Environmental Engineering
Minor(s): Economics and Civil Engineering
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Honors Peer Advisor, Blogger for UD Admissions, UD Alternative Spring Break, Stage Crew for Harrington Theatre Arts Company, Central Campus Green Team, Students for the Environment, Environmental Engineering Student Association, Society of Women Engineers
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Sports events in the warm weather, board/card game nights, Aaything involving food, "make your own" nights using recycled everyday objects
What are you looking forward to about being a Senior Fellow? I'm really excited to work with the Honors Program more closely and to get to know all the other Senior Fellows. I can't wait to put my organization to good use in planning and carrying out some fun events for next year's central residents!
Dunia Tonob
Year: 2017
Major(s): Anthropology
Minor(s): Biology, Asian Studies, Medical Humanities
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Honors Engaging in Neighborhood Service (HENS), Making Doctors, Students for Justice in Palestine, Science for the Common Hen, Volunteer at the Early Learning Center
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Faculty chats, Baking, Partner with HENS for service in the community
What are you looking forward to about being a Senior Fellow? I can't wait to be a part of the Honors community on North Green, and I am looking forward to making friends with other upperclassmen!
Danielle Karacsony
Year: 2017
Major(s): Accounting
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Habitat for Humanity, Marching Band – Clarinet, Knitting and Crocheting Club, Accounting Students Association, Art History Club, Reading
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Museum Trips, Theater Trips, Scavenger Hunts, Cake Baking and Decorating, Craft Nights, Game Nights, Community Service Activities, Movie Nights
What are you looking forward to about being a Senior Fellow? I am looking forward to getting to know more people in the Honors Program and planning fun activities for my friends and peers.
Jonathan Galarraga
Year: 2016
Major(s): Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Minor(s): Materials Science, Biochemical Engineering
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Resources for Insuring Successful Engineers, Blue Hen Ambassadors, CJK Research Group, NSCS, NSLS, HOLA; I love playing guitar, long walks on the beach, and anything pertaining to football!
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: UDairy Ice Cream gatherings, Desert Tacos Night, Salsa Night, Movie Marathons, Service Projects, Study Breaks
What are you looking forward to about being a Senior Fellow? I am really looking forward to the opportunity to empower my peers and inspire collective action. By employing my interpersonal skills, I hope to meet new people and encourage them to participate in community events, ranging from fun-social gatherings to impactful service opportunities.
Paxton Mittleman
Year: 2017
Major(s): Communication Interest
Minor(s): Advertising, Journalism
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Student Television Network, Freshman Fellow, Social Media Ambassador, Singing, Running, Hanging out with friends
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Pizza and Movie Nights, Harry Potter/Hunger Games Nights, UDHP Olympics on the Green, Trips to DC and NYC, Interesting Faculty Chats
What are you looking forward to about being a Senior Fellow? I am looking forward to maintaining my connection with the Honors Program as well as establishing community on my upperclassmen Honors floor.
Elana Borinsky
Year: 2017
Major(s): International Business and Marketing
Minor(s): Chinese
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Running, Biking, Traveling, Baking, Doing community service, APO, HENS, Honors Planning Board, Blue Hen Marketing Club
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Off-campus field trips, White Clay Creek walks, Bake-offs, Study breaks, Board game/movie nights, Floor dinners
What are you looking forward to about being a Senior Fellow? I am looking forward to planning fun and enriching events for my floor which will help foster a sense of community. I am also excited to meet new people and serve as a mentor.
Jessica Baird
Year: 2017
Major(s): Early Childhood Education
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Yoga, Volleyball, Cooking/baking, Watching movies and TV, Spending time outside
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Outdoor yoga, Cooking demos, Field trips involving food, Movie nights, Hiking/picnics
What are you looking forward to about being a Senior Fellow? Getting to know the other Senior Fellows and residents, organizing fun events for everyone, and getting people to try new things.
Angela Chang
Year: 2017
Major(s): Chemistry
Minor(s): Biochemical Engineering
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Acacella (band of four cellists who perform original renditions of pop songs in unexpected locations across campus), American Chemical Society, HENS (Honors Engaging in Neighborhood Service), Ultimate Frisbee, Cello choir
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Amazing Race, Coffeehouse, Faculty chats, Movie nights, Ice cream study breaks
What are you looking forward to about being a Senior Fellow? I look forward to planning interesting events for upperclass honors students to help everyone relax from academic stress. I'm also excited to get to know everyone on my floor!
Rebecca Vitelli
Year: 2015
Major(s): 4+1 BS/MS HDFS: Concentration in Early Childhood Development and Inclusive Education
Minor(s): Human Development and Family Studies; Disabilities Studies
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Spending time with family and friends, traveling, working with young children, playing violin, dancing, playing basketball/volleyball, reading, watching movies, Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society, Student Association for the Education of Young Children (SAEYC), Project Sunshine, University Strings, UD Hillel, Challah for Hunger, Student Council for Children with Special Needs (SCCSN), Autism Speaks U at UD, BuildOn Chapter at UD
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Chocolate Fondue/Fountain, Kindergarten Night, "Muggles Night" (Harry Potter event), Milkshakes/Ice Cream, Board Games and Hot Chocolate Night, themed movie nights with popcorn bars, festive holiday events (Halloween Dance), community service activities, spa days, crafts,
What are you looking forward to about being a Senior Fellow? I look forward to returning for my third straight year as a Senior Fellow in Cannon Hall! My time as a Senior Fellow has been enjoyable, helping build community and relationships on my floor and throughout my building. Being actively involved and connected in the Honors Program is extremely important to me. I like meeting people and promoting excitement, fun, and involvement - I want everyone to make the most of their time living in the beautiful Upperclassmen Honors Housing on Central!
Scott Eisenhart
Year: 2016
Major(s): Public Policy
Minor(s): Political Communication, Political Science, and Spanish
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Sports, Exercising, Hanging out with friends, Reading, Playing music, Government/politics, Media/current events, Blue Hen Leadership Program, Catholic Campus Ministry, Hablar sin Parar, Marching Band, DEconstruction Magazine, 186 South College: the University of Delaware Honors Program Blog.
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Community builders, faculty chats, and academic enrichment programs
Advice to Floormates: I cannot wait to begin my second year as a Senior Fellow! I learned a lot during my first year, and am anxious to continue giving back to the Honors Program and building a sense of community with my residents.

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