2014-2015 Munson Fellows

Madison Gutekunst
Year: 2017
Major(s): Environmental Engineering
Minor(s): Civil Engineering, Environmental Soil Science
Hobbies/Involvement: BHA, Student Alumni Ambassador, Undergraduate Research - Soil Science, Yoga Club, HENS, Hiking, Running
Programs/Activities Planned: Name That Tune, Bracelet Making, Kindergarten Night, and Board Game Nights
Advice to Freshmen: Be yourself, and you will eventually make friends who will respect and love you for who you are. If you are homesick, don't sit in your room all day talking to friends from home. Put yourself out there, get involved in a few clubs, and be open to new people and new opportunities. Find a balance, though. Have fun, but not too much fun! You are going to do things you never even dreamed of here. Make the most out of your time at UD and take advantage of the opportunities you are given. Four years go by fast!
Sean Considine
Year: 2016
Major(s): Ancient Greek and Roman Studies, Medical Scholars (Pre-Med)
Minor(s): Chemistry, Medical Humanities
Hobbies/Involvement: Phi Delta Epsilon, Medical Fraternity, Blue Hen Ambassador, E-52 Student Theater, UDaB Alternative Spring Breaks, Hiking, Basketball, Getting lunch and coffee with friends, Going to concerts
Programs/Activities Planned: I would love to have Dr. Julie Wilgen come to discuss sex life and the "hook up" culture on college campuses and all the misinformation we receive. Furthermore, I would like to do a "homeless night out" on the Harrington turf to raise money and awareness for homelessness. "In Her Shoes" dance Fort Nights
Advice to Freshmen: I am looking forward to meeting and learning from 600+ new faces in the Honors Program as well as developing and spreading long lasting friendships by sharing my experiences with others.
Navika Gangrade
Year: 2017
Major(s): Dietetics
Minor(s): Food Science & Psychology
Hobbies/Involvement: BHA, Cognitive Neuroscience Research Volunteer (Psychology Lab), Cardiovascular Physiology Research Volunteer (Nutrition Lab), Cooking, Baking, Food, Reading, Exercising
Programs/Activities Planned: My favorite planned events so far this year were the SIFs our floor had. We had Sunday Brunch Crepes, Grilled Cheese Night, Halloween Night, and Pre-Thanksgiving Celebration. I would definitely want to plan more Sunday brunches because people are so busy during the week and everyone is free for Sunday brunch, so that would be a great way to get people together. Besides that, I want to plan events that get the Munson fellows to directly bond with the residents, rather than just holding and supervising an event.
Advice to Freshmen: I'm really looking forward to creating a connection with the residents. I think it's important that Munson Fellows get established as people the residents can come to for advice, help, and support and a lot of that comes from being a good friend. I had so much fun this DiScho weekend, hosting students and connecting with them and I can't wait to do that with my own mentees!
Kevin Konzelman
Year: 2016
Major(s): Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering
Minor(s): Certificate of Business Essentials
Hobbies/Involvement: HenMUN, Omicron Delta Kappa – National Leadership Honor Society, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, American Society of Civil Engineers. Outside of clubs, I like to spend my free time playing intramural sports and pickup games, as well as creating music remixes and mashups.
Programs/Activities Planned: I look forward to planning movie nights, guest speakers, floor athletics and dinners, cooking nights, and study breaks.
Advice to Freshmen: I am most looking forward to providing the Honors freshmen with the best possible experience, and I want to help them make the most out of their time at Delaware.
Megan Aidoo
Year: 2017
Major(s): Medical Diagnostics
Hobbies/Involvement: Soccer, HOLA, Making Doctors
Programs/Activities Planned: A lot of meet and greets and many opportunities for the students to show their talents
Advice to Freshmen: I am looking forward to being a support system for the incoming freshman and making an impact on their first year experience!
Kayla Neiderfer
Year: 2017
Major(s): Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Biosciences
Minor(s): Medical Diagnostics
Hobbies/Involvement: VIDA, Animal Science Club, PRoUD, Agcelerate, B+, Wildlife Society, Alpha Zeta, Intramural Soccer, Ag Ambassador. My hobbies include art, reading, and soccer.
Programs/Activities Planned: The roommate game (a spin on the newly-wed game), holiday secret gift exchange, movie nights, milkshake night, and more!
Advice to Freshmen: Planning events for my residents while getting to know them and helping them through their first year at UD.
Sarah Fulton
Year: 2016
Major(s): Public Policy
Minor(s): Economics
Hobbies/Involvement: Social Media Ambassador (follow me @BlueHenSarah!), D Sharps a cappella fundraising & alumni coordinator/singer who dabbles in beatboxing, Budding political activist (member of College Dems, canvassing volunteer, president of Blue Hens for Hillary), Honors Planning Board marketing specialist (aka Facebook expert), Pizza-loving vegetarian with a chai tea addiction, Frequent napper, Advocate for local art and businesses, More patriotic than your average American
Programs/Activities Planned: I want to plan activities for freshman that benefit them both socially as well as professionally. I hope to also offer events that teach students a skill or allows them to network with professors or upperclassmen on campus. Faculty chats are a great way for students to be exposed to professors on campus they may never have had the chance to meet due to their curriculum or primary interests. Two such faculty are Dr. Yanich from the SPPA and Professor Timmins of the Dept. of Communications. I also want to teach the essential "how-to-be-away-from-home" skills, i.e. laundry, basic cooking tips, etc. and plan service-based events.
Advice to Freshmen: My Russell Fellow fostered such a strong sense of friendship and community engagement during my freshman year. Without his guidance and enthusiasm, I doubt that all of the students on our floor would have become so close or would have established themselves on campus as easily. I hope to do the same for my freshmen; it's so important that they feel comfortable in a new environment so that they can excel academically, without having to worry about being away from home.
Christopher Knieste
Year: 2017
Major(s): Chemical Engineering
Minor(s): Chemistry and Computer Science
Hobbies/Involvement: On campus I am involved in AIChE, Engineers Without Borders, E-52 Student Theatre, and spending inordinate amounts of time in Morris Library. Otherwise I enjoy Star Wars, watching too much television, and sleeping.
Programs/Activities Planned: Movie nights, study sessions, faculty talks, and any events involving free food!
Advice to Freshmen: If I am able to bring the incoming freshmen the same love for UD that I was shown during my freshman year, I will consider my job a success.
Christopher Bubel (Chris)
Year: 2017
Major(s): Computer Science
Minor(s): Astronomy, Mathematics
Hobbies/Involvement: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), web design and development, computer programming, astronomy, tennis, running, geocaching, reading, hanging out with friends, and meeting new people.
Programs/Activities Planned: Picnics and games on the Green, movie nights, stargazing, trips to White Clay Creek and the UD Creamery, TED talks, a book club, order-out nights, scavenger hunts, and holiday parties.
Advice to Freshmen: I'm excited to meet, become friends, and work with the Honors Freshmen throughout the year. I can't wait to plan fun events to build and strengthen the community. College can be stressful at times, so I'm looking forward to being a friend for the students to fall back on for encouragement, motivation, and snacks.
Cedric Whitney
Year: 2017
Major(s): Neuroscience, adding Biomedical Engineering
Minor(s): Bioelectrical Engineering
Hobbies/Involvement: Soccer, Rugby, Volleyball, Cricket, Politics (Libertarian), Engineers Without Borders, Debate Club, Red, White and Blue Hens, TED Talks
Programs/Activities Planned: I would love to get some sort of intramural sports + things like chess competition going between the neighborhoods of Redding Hall. Also, lots of guys on both my floor and other floors have expressed interest in having some sort of FIFA event going as well, like a seeding, and many people of both genders have expressed interest in some organized way of watching Philadelphia sports games.
Advice to Freshmen: Really looking forward to being in a position where I can help people adjust and make the most out of what should be a brilliant first year in a great building with brilliant people at a beautiful school. Building a great neighborhood community will be fun too, my neighborhood freshman year was really tightly bonded and it was a great experience that I want to help replicate.
Rebecca Jaeger
Year: 2016
Major(s): Biology, History, Spanish
Minor(s): N/A
Hobbies/Involvement: StUDent Government Association, Blue Hen Ambassadors tour guide, Student Alumni Ambassadors, HENS Club, intramural sports, reading, baking, volunteering, and taking naps
Programs/Activities Planned: Volleyball tournament, March Madness Bracket competition, floor dinners, and movie nights
Advice to Freshmen: I am looking forward to getting to know all of the Honors freshmen and helping coordinate and plan events to make the year memorable. And of course, having fun!
Deval Mehta
Year: 2016
Major(s): Mathematics & Physics
Minor(s): Astronomy & Computer Science
Hobbies/Involvement: Singing, Playing Guitar, Songwriting, Watching Anime, YouTube Surfing, Stargazing, Caffeinated Beverages, Superheroes and their movies, Climbing, Research interests in Properties of Dark Matter and Properties of Massive Stars, President of the Society of Physics Students, Member of NUCLEUS, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, National Society of Leadership and Success, and Blue Hen Bhangra.
Programs/Activities Planned: Who Wants to be a Millionaire: UD Edition, rock climbing days, trips to White Clay Creek, Movie Marathons, and informative faculty chats.
Advice to Freshmen: Getting to know a whole new group of extremely talented individuals with varied interests. It's always fun to mix things up a little!
Sydney Palmer
Year: 2017
Major(s): Secondary English Education
Minor(s): Theatre Studies
Hobbies/Involvement: Singing (University Singers), acting, education, reading, Netflix, UD Swing Club,
Programs/Activities Planned: Baking/Cooking Nights, "Camp Delaware" Night (complete with s'mores), Holiday Crafting, Secret Santa, "Chopped" Challenge, Book Club
Advice to Freshmen: I'm really excited to help next year's Freshmen find a place that they fit in at UD, whether that place is in on their floor, in our building, in their major, or in a club. Having friendly faces to see around the building and on campus was definitely helpful during my freshman year, and I hope to give next year's freshmen the same great experience that I had as a first-year Honors Program student!
Katelyn Murray
Year: 2017
Major(s): Hotel, Restaurant, Institutional Management
Minor(s): None
Hobbies/Involvement: Honors Engaging in Neighborhood Service- Fundraising Chair, Club Managers Association of America- Secretary, Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity, UDance committee
Programs/Activities Planned: I hope to plan a lot of different activities involving food, because who doesn't love food. I also hope to plan icebreaker events for the beginning of the semester, and hopefully get the floor to do an intramural sports team with me (wink wink beach volleyball)!
Advice to Freshmen: Hey all you freshmen, do not take one minute that you are on campus for granted. Just thinking that I am a sophomore is freaking me, I can only imagine what the seniors are thinking. Advice? Figure out where you are going to class the first day, before 5 minutes before the class starts. This campus is pretty big and may take some time to map out (don't worry, we've all been there). Talk to at least one new person in each class; believe me it'll be worth it. The more people you know, the easier it will be to feel at home. Also, have fun, but the minute you feel you are letting your grades slip, step back and re-evaluate. Go to any meeting for any clubs or organizations you are interested in, because you may be surprised what you'll end up having fun with. Lastly, do you and you'll do just fine (:
Kevin Jones
Year: 2017
Major(s): Computer Science
Hobbies/Involvement: Soccer, Video Games, Yoga Club, CAGD, AMC
Programs/Activities Planned: Outdoor/Sporting events like Redding Olympics and lawn game tournaments, Ted Talks events, Tie-dying
Advice to Freshmen: I am looking forward to getting to know all of the new freshmen and helping them ease into their new life at UD. I did not feel like I had too hard of a time getting used to UD at first, so I am hoping I can take my own methods, as well as what I learned from all of the friends I made during my freshman year, and use what I learned to give advice that I believe will make UD more enjoyable for the incoming freshmen.
Jason Andrechak
Year: 2017
Major(s): Chemical Engineering & Neuroscience
Hobbies/Involvement: Running, Swimming, Soccer, Triathlons, Engineers Without Borders, UDaB, Making Doctors BHLP, Quest
Programs/Activities Planned: Ice cream socials, coffeehouses, Munson study breaks, Freshmen Fellow coordination, pretty much anything
Advice to Freshmen: I am looking forward to living with the Honors freshmen, helping them to adjust to college life socially and academically. I'm looking forward to working in this environment with a whole new perspective on life and college this time around so I can mentor the new freshmen and help them get the most out of their first year at UD.

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