2012 Senior Fellows

Tara Beck
Year: 2015
Major(s): Neuroscience, Medical Scholars
Minor(s): German, Medical Diagnostics, Biology
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Swimming, Students for Haiti, Phi Delta Epsilon
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Floor dinner and movie nights; ice cream (or water ice) social
Advice to Floormates: Get to know the people on your floor. During school, they are the people you can count on as a "home away from home" support group. It makes it much more enjoyable to have the special bond with a group of people!
Ramya Sridharan
Year: 2014
Major(s): Biochemistry and Biology
Minor(s): Chemistry
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Biomedical Engineering Society, Swing Club, Undergraduate Research
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Hot Chocolate and Cookies, Spaghetti Dinner Community Builder, Milkshakes
Advice to Floormates: When you get hunger cravings at 2 in the morning, check the hallway because other people will have them too. Two am runs to Dunkin' Donuts is definitely one of the best ways to get to know people.
Kevin Chang
Year: 2014
Major(s): Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science
Minor(s): Chemistry
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Biomedical Engineering Society, Swing Club, Undergraduate Research
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Milkshakes, Swing night, Undergraduate Research Night, Resume Critiques
Advice to Floormates: Do what you want to do, and don't get involved in things that you don't really want to do. Make sure you do your best in everything that you try.
Doug Kenny
Year: 2014
Major(s): Chemistry
Minor(s): Biochemistry
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra, American Chemical Society, Lumos Literary Club
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Movie Nights, Off Campus Excursions (Museums, Cultural Events, Aquariums, etc.), Video Game Events, Ice Cream Socials...and anything involving good food.
Advice to Floormates: "Make friends with as many people on your floor as possible and get out and do things! "It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all - in which case, you fail by default." ― J.K. Rowling"
Kristin Wittman
Year: 2014
Major(s): Accounting and Art History
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Visiting museums, traveling, crafting, baking/cooking in the dorm kitchens, Art History Club, Business Student Association
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Visits to museums and cultural sights, seek and find, Cupcake Wars, Spring Tie-Dye
Advice to Floormates: Reach out to your neighbors by going to building events or starting a floor intramural team. The Honors housing community is very unique, so take advantage of it!
Shaivi Patel
Year: 2015
Major(s): Biology
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: American Red Cross club, tennis, biking, and watching movies
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Foreign Movie Night, A Capella Night, outdoor activities
Advice to Floormates: Be open to new friends and experiences! Stay on top of your studies, get involved with what interests you, and enjoy your time here!
Allison Wing
Year: 2014
Major(s): Biochemistry
Minor(s): Biology, Economics
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Playing flute, wind-surfing, reading
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: An off-campus trip to the Philadelphia Zoo or an Undergraduate Research information session
Advice to Floormates: Schedule your time wisely and be open to trying new things.
Maggie Gammie
Year: 2014
Major(s): History Education
Minor(s): French, English
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: University of Delaware Marching Band (clarinet), Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry, Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society, playing with my dog, music, French, reading, traveling
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Cupcake Wars, foreign film nights (possibility with faculty guests), field trips
Advice to Floormates: Make the most of living on Central! It is a gorgeous place with lots of things to do, so go take a walk, play on the Green, or check out an event that looks like fun.
Liz Burland
Year: 2015
Major(s): Public Policy and Finance
Minor(s): Economics
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Community service, dance
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Floor birthday parties/decorations, floor/building community service project, monthly dinners, movie nights
Advice to Floormates: Everyone leave your doors open and stop in to say hi to your new floor mates! The community will build faster if everyone knows each other. Also, try to attend events as much as possible to get to know everyone better!
Aiden Piper
Year: 2015
Major(s): Early Childhood Education
Minor(s): Human Development and Family Studies
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Circle K International, the Laboratory Preschool, intramural soccer, movies, family, sporting events (especially football and lacrosse), Jane Austen novels, and cats.
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: I would love to plan a little kids night that would involve watching Toy Story, playdough, finger painting, and snacks. I am interested in helping to plan for the decorations at the Kent Dance this fall. A book club that would meet monthly would also be fun to start.
Advice to Floormates: Get excited! Our floor is going to be a lot of fun as long as everyone is respectful of one another. Come with an open mind, some snacks, and a game or two, and I'm sure that we're all going to get along wonderfully.
Rebecca Vitelli
Year: 2015
Major(s): Early Childhood Education
Minor(s): Disabilities Studies; Human Development and Families Studies
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Spending time with family and friends, traveling, working with young children, playing violin, dancing, playing basketball/volleyball, Circle K, APPLE, Student Association for the Education of Young Children, ASPIRE, Habitat for Humanity, Student Council for Exceptional Children, UD Hillel, tutoring at The College School, Lumos Literacy Club.
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: "Muggles Night" (Harry Potter event), Honors Tie-Die Day, upperclass Honors Talent Show, Board Games and Hot Chocolate Night, themed movie nights, festive holiday events (Halloween Dance), community service activities, spa days, crafts, anything to do with food and baking, faculty programs about experiences abroad and study abroad programs panel, etc.
Advice to Floormates: Get to know the other people on your floor! Smile and say hi - it is always nice to make new friends! Respect others around you and just be yourself! Also, make sure to balance your work, extracurriculars, and social life.
Nicole Demers
Year: 2014
Major(s): Three Languages (German, Italian, Chinese); Linguistics
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Study Abroad Ambassador, shopping, sleeping, listening to music, reading, and watching movies
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: I hope to plan lots of movie nights next year along with a study abroad interest night and other cultural events. I'm also hoping to organize a water balloon fight!
Advice to Floormates: Leave your doors open so we can all get to know each other, just like freshman year! Organize your time well so that you eat right, get enough sleep, and get your work done -- but also relax sometimes!
Madeleine Rouviere
Year: 2014
Major(s): Undecided
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Outing Club, adventuring, star-gazing, traveling, music, photography, languages, trail mix
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Off campus trips, holiday themed activities
Advice to Floormates: Smile and say "hi!" to as many people on your floor as you can each day (and to all people in general).
Nikki Gomes
Year: 2015
Major(s): Exercise Science
Minor(s): Spanish
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Women's club volleyball team, Relay For Life Committee, exercise science club, going to the beach, making friendship bracelets, sports, traveling
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Tie-Dye, photo hunt, movie nights, floor decorating, open mic night, an ongoing/semester-long game within the floor/building/complex, volleyball games, 90's night, baking
Advice to Floormates: Keep your doors open! We all have our friends from freshman year, but now we have an opportunity to make even more new friends! Talk to everyone on the floor and don't be afraid to go to other floors too! Also, if you have any fun program ideas let the senior fellows know so we can try to make it happen!
Joe Matty
Year: 2015
Major(s): History and Political Science
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Soccer, football, ultimate frisbee, almost any other sport, Circle K
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Movie nights with pizza, water balloon fight, volleyball tournament, Roommate Game
Advice to Floormates: Stay organized and have fun.

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