2012 Russell Fellows

Celeste Dix
Year: 2015
Major(s): Exercise Science
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: UDCFST, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, UDairy Creamery, figure skating, running
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Origami Valentines, floor dinners, Kindergarten Night, Game Show Night, secret snowflake, service opportunities
Advice to Freshmen: Do something nice for your roommate every now and then. It doesn't have to be anything big; even volunteering to take out the garbage is nice. Maintaining a good relationship with your roommate can really make or break your freshman year. Also, try to get some sleep! You really will do better in your classes.
Neil Kirschling
Year: 2014
Major(s): Public Policy
Minor(s): Spanish, Political Communications
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: MelUDees A Cappella, Harrington Theatre Arts Company, Blue Hen Ambassadors, Student Alumni Ambassadors, and Red Watch Band Society.
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Ultimate Frisbee and volleyball games out on the turf, a study abroad information night, a cappella concerts and, of course, plenty of events where we all get to eat.
Advice to Freshmen: My advice to freshman is to keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to get involved on campus. It's hard not to find a club or organization that interests you at the University of Delaware. Being active in extracurricular activities right from the beginning of fall semester really helped ease my transition to college and taught me how to manage my time.
Margaret Stohler
Year: 2014
Major(s): International Relations
Minor(s): Spanish, International Business, Public Policy
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Orientation/Re-Orientation Chair of UD Alternative Break Program, Fundraising Chair of Harrington Theatre and Arts Company, Secretary for the Fusion and Appreciation of Performing Arts, Student Alumni Ambassador, member of Study Abroad Ambassadors! Travel, community service, read, play the guitar and piano, do Sudoku puzzles and take naps!
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: I'm looking forward to planning an Improv Night, where one of the on campus comedy troupes can come and perform as well as hold improvisational workshops. Also, I'd like to have Cupcake Wars, students would form teams to design their own cupcakes using different frostings and toppings. Lastly, I think a Midnight Pancake Study Break could be a perfect half hour reprieve from studying during midterm and finals week!
Advice to Freshmen: Try something new, something you've never done before. Whether it's joining a club or organization you've always wanted to but never have, or sitting with a group of people you don't usually eat with at dinner, I can guarantee you that stepping out of your comfort zones will always be worthwhile.
Nora Crawford
Year: 2014
Major(s): Political Science
Minor(s): History, Economics
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Gamma Sigma Sigma Community Service Sorority, Writing Fellows, Yoga, Running, Baking
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Floor Tie-Dye, Gingerbread House Making, Movie Nights
Advice to Freshmen: Be open to new experiences and get involved!
Jessica Applebaum
Year: 2013
Major(s): Pre-Veterinary and Animal Biosciences
Minor(s): Spanish, Biology
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Animal Science Club, Ag Ambassador, Scrabble and Board Gamers at UD, Swing Dance Club, University Strings, Alpha Zeta, Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Intramural Softball, skiing, bowling, swimming, banjo, unicycle, kandi bracelets, horrible movies, obscure music, coloring books, laughing.
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Name That Tune, Bracelet-Making, Kindergarten Night, Board Game Night, Old Nicktoons Marathon
Advice to Freshmen: Be yourself, and you will eventually make friends who will respect and love you for who you are. If you are homesick, don't sit in your dorm all day doing homework and/or talking to friends from home. Put yourself out there, get involved, and be open to new people and new opportunities. Find a balance, though. Have fun, but not too much fun!
Patrick Thomas Carter
Year: 2014
Major(s): Exercise Science - Exercise Physiology
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Crossfit, food, all types of music (mostly), being outside, and sports
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Russell Complex Olympics, Russell Ice Cream Social, Night of Neon Part II, BBQ (if possible)
Advice to Freshmen: Introduce yourself to the people you don't know, leave your doors open so that people walking by can say "Hi," and get involved in the things you enjoy and try the things that are new!
Tony Ohannessian
Year: 2014
Major(s): Music Education with a concentration in Tenor Trombone
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: UD Fightin' Blue Hen Marching Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Trombone Choir, Pep Band, Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corps
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Russell Coffee House, sporting events, and game nights.
Advice to Freshmen: Don't be afraid! These next few years will be some of the best and most memorable in your life. Freshman year is especially awesome. You have so much to look forward to. Get excited!
Ruby Harrington
Year: 2014
Major(s): Political Science
Minor(s): History, Sociology, Political Communication
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Traveling, movies, spending time with family and friends, SCPAB, Student Admissions Blogger
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Floor dinners, floor Secret Santa-style gift exchange for the holidays, Election Night '12 in a Russell lounge, trip to the Brandywine Zoo
Advice to Freshmen: Freshman year is an amazing opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and explore who you are. Embrace all that UD, the Honors Program, and the college experience in general has to offer you. Stay true to yourself while also being open to new experiences. Also, find the right balance of work and play!
William Goldman
Year: 2015
Major(s): Marine Science with Concentration in Marine Biology
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: I like art, and I take photos, draw, and play guitar as a hobby. I also like to read and play videogames. The clubs at UD that I'm in are Reel Productions (I am also intersted in film) and Computer Animation and Game Design Club.
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: I want to continue with the "campfire in the lounge" event my russell fellow Amanda did, and I am interested in doing the Coffeehouses. I would also like setting up an event that deals with film, such as a movie night, or an event devoted to short films (either made or found by students).
Advice to Freshmen: I would definitely recommend to freshman to not let things pass by as they adjust to college. In the first semester of college so many events are happening that it is easy to have an opportunity slip by. Besides that, I would recommend joining clubs so it is easier to meet more people who share their interests.
Josh Sarnecky
Year: 2014
Major(s): English and Psychology
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Reading, writing, watching movies, playing video games, community service, the Green Bay Packers, Students for Haiti
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Movie marathons, Murder Mystery Night (basically "Clue" acted out by RFs), trips to the bowling alley for Cosmic Bowling, Board Game Night, a holiday gift exchange, video game tournaments, and plenty more!
Advice to Freshmen: Stay true to yourself but be open to new experiences. Those tips may sound contradictory, but they're the key to having a productive and enjoyable time at college.
Mark Wisniewski
Year: 2014
Major(s): Civil Engineering
Minor(s): Jazz Studies
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Drumming / UD Jazz, UD American Society of Civil Engineers, UD Steel Bridge Team, UD American Society of Highway Engineers, Distinguished Scholars, Intramural Sports, Guitar, Music, Vanilla Milkshakes
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Russell Spelling Bee, Live Band Karaoke, A Capella Night, Faculty Discussions, and more!
Advice to Freshmen: Be yourself, but also be open to new things and ideas! Don't be afraid to try something different, take a unique class, or join one of UD's many clubs. Have fun and build great friendships. At the same time, though, be sure to stay on top of your school work. The key to college is finding the perfect balance. You can do it!
Avis Rodriguez
Year: 2015
Major(s): History and Political Science
Minor(s): Spanish
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Speech and Debate at the University of Delaware, College Republicans, Intervarsity, Zumba, Yoga Club, and I am also a Blue Hen Ambassador, football, hockey, intramurals, country music, and anything else Texan.
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: Super Bowl Viewing Party, Picnics, Movie Marathon (Disney themed), hikes at White Water Creek, and anything else that I can think of. :D
Advice to Freshmen: Get involved. I know that sounds stereotypical and generic, but honestly you should find something that you're passionate about and join others that share your passion. It's a great way to meet new people and make friends outside of you building/hallway.
Kristen Carino
Year: 2015
Major(s): Human Services
Minor(s): Psychology
Hobbies/Interests/Clubs: Reading, dance, community service, playing in the snow, baking, being outside
Programs/Activities Interested in Planning: T-shirt tie dye, freshmen de-stress night, cupcake making, and movie night.
Advice to Freshmen: Take every opportunity to try new things and make new friends. Get involved on campus, be yourself, and have lots of fun!

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