Creating an Individual Honors Section at Student Request

Every semester some instructors of non-Honors sections agree to make Honors credit available in response to student requests. This process is initiated by both students and professors by filling out an application (see below). The professor will also need to attach a brief description of the course, emphasizing those elements that distinguish the requirements for Honors credit from those for the non-Honors registrants and how the Honors work will be incorporated into the final grade. The enrichment components should fully integrate the Honors experience into the existing course. Students are to be graded for their work as a whole in the Honors course.

Applications for Individual Honors Contracts will only be accepted for advanced (300/400 level) courses for which Honors sections are not offered and students applying for a contract must have a minimum GPA of 3.20. In addition, applications will be due to the director by 5:00 p.m. on the second day of classes for the fall or spring semester. For winter and summer sessions, applications are due before the first day of classes. For Study Abroad courses applications must be completed and submitted BEFORE leaving campus for the overseas program. For information, call 831-1195.

Guidelines for Creating Honors Add-on Sections and Individual Honors Contracts

Honors Courses

Semester Course Listings:

General Education Group Approvals for Colloquia

Approved Capstone Courses

At the end of their course of study, UD students integrate their previous work in a culminating experience such as a senior seminar, group project, or similar activity. Please consult the Capstone course list for courses that have been approved for the Honors Degree and Honors Degree with Distinction.

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