Honors Housing

First Year Students

Freshmen admitted to the Honors Program are housed together in Louis Redding Hall, the newest addition to East Campus. East Campus is also home to the Perkins Student Center, the Russell Dining Hall, and the Harrington Turf. Living in first-year Honors housing is a requirement of the freshman year in Honors, although it is possible to get a waiver of this requirement if you plan to live at home with a parent or guardian and commute to campus. The Honors freshman community is enhanced by Munson Fellows, upperclass Honors peer mentors who choose to continue living with the freshmen. They serve as a resource to help with the adjustment to college life and to plan programs and community building activities both inside and outside the residence halls.

Upper Division Students

Upper-division students can continue to enjoy the benefits of living in an Honors community. There are currently Honors floors in Brown, Sypherd, Harter, and Sharp halls on North Central; Cannon, New Castle, and Kent halls on South Central. Like freshman Honors housing, these locations give students the benefit of an academically oriented living environment, lots of study space, and programs and activities geared to and planned by Honors Program students (Senior Fellows).

Any student, whether in the Honors Program or not, can apply for upper-division Honors Housing. A GPA of 3.00 is required, and students are selected based upon enrollment in the Honors Program, semesters on campus, academic performance, and the number of Honors credits taken. The ideal candidate is a student who wants an academic environment, enjoys a sense of community, and who will contribute to it by planning activities, attending programs, and interacting with faculty.

All upper-division Honors students with a GPA of 3.00 or higher who apply are guaranteed a place in upper-division Honors housing.

To apply, students must complete a Unique Housing Option Form on the UD Housing web site when they apply for on-campus housing.

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