Honors Foreign Language Certificate

To earn a bachelor's degree with an Honors Foreign Language Certificate in French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish, a qualified student must complete a designated sequence of four 200- and 300-level Honors credit courses in the above-listed languages with no grade below a B-minus. The first two courses are to be taken during Winter or Summer Sessions in one or two of seven countries, and the last two courses are to be taken on the Delaware campus. A cumulative GPA of 3.00 must be achieved by graduation. Students successfully completing these requirements have this accomplishment recorded on their official transcript.

Note: The Honors Foreign Language Certificate can be earned in addition to other kinds of Honors certificates and awards. Honors courses taken in the sequence leading to the Foreign Language Certificate can also be applied toward those required for other forms of Honors recognition.

For more information: Contact UD's Institute for Global Studies, Elliott Hall, 831-4004.

Honors Enrichment Award Reports

Visit our official blog, 186 South College, for updates on the Honors Enrichment Award Reports. Click here to read more.

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