Frequently Asked Questions

Can pass/fail Honors courses count towards the Honors Degree?

Only if the course was offered on a pass/fail basis only.

Do I have to take an Honors tutorial course for the Honors Degree?

The tutorial course, UNIV 490, is not a requirement of the new Honors Degree, but it does satisfy the senior capstone requirement.

When do I take the Honors capstone course?

An Honors Degree Seminar or Honors capstone course must be taken in one of the last two semesters before you graduate. Please see the following list of Capstone courses.

What is the GPA requirement for the Honors Degree?

The Honors Degree requires a minimum 3.40 cumulative grade point index at the time of graduation. (Please note that the more credits you have earned the more difficult mathematically it becomes to improve your cumulative grade point average.)

Is the General Honors Award a requirement of the Honors Degree?

No. The 18 or more Honors credits earned for the GHA, however, may apply towards the total Honors credits needed for the Honors Degree.

Is the first-year Honors colloquium course a requirement of the Honors Degree?

No. It may be counted toward the 30 Honors credits needed for the degree, but may not be counted toward the 12 credits needed at the 300-level or above because it is a freshman-level course.

Can the 12 Honors credits required at or above the 300-level be Honors courses in my major?

Yes. In fact, we strongly encourage you to take upper-division Honors courses in your major, although 300-level Honors coursework outside the major also will satisfy that requirement.

Do individual departments have specific Honors Degree requirements?

Many departments do have specific requirements for the Honors Degree in addition to the specified requirements. These specific requirements are listed in the University catalog under the Honors Degree in the major.

What is the difference between the Honors Degree and the Honors Degree with Distinction?

The Honors Degree with Distinction has the same requirements as the Honors Degree, but it also requires the completion of a thesis and the two semester thesis courses, UNIV 401 and UNIV 402.

Do UNIV 401 and 402 count towards the Honors credits for the Honors Degree with Distinction?

Yes. They also count as 6 credits at or above the 300-level, and UNIV 402 counts as the Honors Degree Capstone Requirement, if taken for no less than three credits.

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