Honors Alumni Mentoring Program

Program Overview

The Honors Alumni Mentoring Network provides the opportunity for Honors alumni to connect with current Honors students for personal and professional development purposes. Honors Alumni Mentors can give career advice, provide assistance with preparation and decisions about graduate programs and prestigious scholarships, and share their life and work experiences. The mentoring cycle will last one academic year (October-May) with mentors and mentees being in contact at least once a month.

Eligibility and Matching

The Honors Program will match mentors with mentees based on information provided by both parties (see Mentor Application and Mentee Application).

Mentors: All Honors alumni who have been graduated from UD for at least 3 years are eligible to apply to be mentors.

Mentees: Honors Program students who are second-year students and above and have a minimum GPA of 3.40 are eligible to apply for a mentor.


Mentor Application

Mentee Application

Mentoring Agreement

Other Opportunities for Alumni Involvement with Honors

If you are not matched with a mentee this cycle or if you cannot commit to the academic-year program and still want to help current Honors Program students, please contact us at honorsmentors@udel.edu. We can set up a lunch or dinner in Newark with students in your career or interest area. We also have opportunities for alumni to participate on career-based panels (law, medicine, etc.). If you will be in the Newark area at any time, please let us know so we can connect you with current Honors students!

Honors Alumni Mentoring Program

Contact Information:
Phone: 302-831-1195
E-mail: honorsmentors@udel.edu

Program Coordinators:
Christine Yang Schultz
Associate Director,
'00 MEd '06EdD
Phone: 302-831-1195

Kelsey Cummings
Administrative Assistant
Honors Alum '09
Phone: 302-831-1195

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