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For Returning Students

About the program

We hope you will consider applying for Upperclass Honors Housing for . Students enrolled in the Honors Program with a 3.0 GPA or higher are guaranteed a space in Upperclass Honors Housing, except those honors students who wish to live with a non-honors roommate. Other interested students not enrolled in the Honors Program may also apply. However, we cannot guarantee a space. Upperclass Honors floors, which will house upperclass students only, are:

Building Floor Co-ed scheme
Brown 3rd Female only
  4th Male only
Sypherd 1st Alternate room
  3rd Female only
  4th Male only
Harter 1st Female only
  2nd Alternate room
  4th Male only
Sharp* 2nd Alternate room
  3rd Alternate room
  4th Female only
Cannon All floors Alternate room

Sypherd is air-conditioned and accessible to students with disabilities. If you need air-conditioning, you must request Sharp or Sypherd.

Living in and participating in Upperclass Honors housing/Unique Housing Options is not required for the Advanced Honors Certificate, but it is one option towards fulfillment of those requirements.

Students eligible for Honors Housing and applying to upperclass honors floors by are not required to submit a supplemental application. You can do everything on the Web. Just apply for Upperclass Honors on the application form and follow the instructions. Students currently living in Upperclass Honors Housing can select the Return Request option so long as they have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Applications are selected based on semesters on campus, number of Honors courses completed, and GPA. Students enrolled in the Honors Program will receive priority for spaces; however we anticipate spaces for other eligible students. In general, a 3.0 GPA or higher is required, but some spaces may be available if your current GPA is slightly less than 3.0.


Harter Hall
Harter Hall