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Theme Housing Options

The GreenTheme Housing Options offer students a range of possible living accommodations. Learn more about each program and how to apply below:


Online Supplemental Applications
A supplemental application is required where indicated.

    Theme Housing Options Available

    Designed by You Communities

    Available in: Ray Street

    Designed by You (DBY) is a place where students can live and work with like-minded students of various disciplines and interests and develop a learning environment that supports both their interests and academics. Living in DBY also provides opportunities for students to learn about other communities, activities, and resources on campus.

    While living in a Designed by You Community, students actively participate in their living environment. Each community determines its room selection, placement, and lounge usage. Community success is dependent on member leadership, initiative, and creativity.

    To apply for the Designed by You option in Ray Street, be sure to complete a supplemental application.

    Designed by You communities vary each year based on students' interests. Examples include:

    • Creative Fusion Community (Combination of Film, Dance, Art, Acting...)
    • Craftastic Community
    • Games Community
    • Cuisine Community
    • Create a new community!

    To qualify for DBY, an applicant must be a full-time University of Delaware student, have a genuine interest in the purpose and goals of a particular community, demonstrate an active interest in a community and its activities, be willing to coordinate and participate in community service projects, and meet all other standards set forth by the community of choice.

    If placed in Designed by You, each community member will have the following expectations:

    • The community chair will serve as the liaison to the Ray Street Complex Coordinator (CC) and attend bi-weekly meetings with the CC.
    • The community should have a Faculty/Staff advisor in place to support the DBY.
    • The community will:
      • Host bi-weekly community gatherings to practice and promote their interest.
      • Recruit new students to participate in their communities for the next year.
      • Participate in a mid-year evaluation process.
      • Equally share in the planning and execution of programs and projects.
      • Will be asked to participate in DBY orientation prior to the fall opening of the residence halls.
      • Will assist with Arrival Survival on Fall Semester Move-In Day.
    • Dates and Deadlines

      • Feb. 13 – Visit the Ray Street table at the Campus Living Expo!
      • Mar. 1 – Final deadline for proposals for new DBY Groups.
      • Mar. 11 - Mar. 15 - Group interviews for new DBY Groups.
      • Mar. 15 - Deadline to submit housing application for guaranteed housing.
      • Mar. 18 - Deadline to submit a supplemental application for themed housing.

If you are interested in participating in DBY or have questions about the community, please contact the Coordinator of Designed by You at (302) 831-4311.

You can also learn about DBY by visiting the Designed by You website.PROUD puppy in Ray

PROUD Puppy Raisers Community must contact Jim Tweedy for more information or to obtain a supplemental application.

For further information about this Theme Housing Option, contact Housing Assignment Services online or at (302) 831-3676.


Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities offer students with targeted programming and support specific to their needs.

  • Bridge Experience LLC - Students who will transition or have transitioned to the Newark Campus from the Associate of Arts Program may participate in the Bridge Experience LLC in Independence East. The following special programming is planned:
    • Weekly resource connection programs
    • Activities with academic programs
    • Programs designed with Career Services Center
    • Weekly social events organized by residents
    • Mentoring programs with Residence Life staff and former Associate of Arts students.

    Please contact Trina Nocerino, Complex Coordinator at or (302) 831-7079.

  • Transfer Community LLC - Students who were transfer students may opt to live in Smyth and be part of the Transfer Community with incoming transfer students. The following activities are planned:
    • Weekly interaction with staff members who understand the specific needs of transfer students
    • Social and career planning events designed for transfer students
    • Resources for academic advising, meeting degree requirements, and graduate school

    Please contact Cheri Skipworth, Complex Coordinator at

  • i-House Community LLC - i-House is a global community composed of matriculated University of Delaware international and domestic students.  Residents of i-House should be excited about experiencing a rich, cultural exchange as well as participate in extended programming and community building.  i-House will be conveniently located in Squire Hall on the South Central Green near Morris Library, Kent Dining Hall, Student Health Services, and the Green. 

    Community members of i-House will be provided with many opportunities to interact with people from other cultures both one-on-one and in a group setting.

    To apply, select "i-House" under "Theme Housing." Complete the remainer of the application according to the instructions.

    Please contact Katie Pifer, Residence Hall Coordinator at or (302) 831-0707 with questions.

If you are interested in participating in an LLC or have questions about the communities, please contact Office of Residence Life at (302) 831-8423 or by email at

Substance-Free Housing

Available in: Sussex

Substance-Free Housing is a Theme Housing Option available for students who are willing to make an affirmative commitment to maintain a living environment free from tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

Sussex Hall, on Central Campus, has been designated as Substance-Free residence hall for the 2013 - 2014 academic year. Sussex is air-conditioned and coed by floor, with single and double rooms. Upperclass students interested in a smoke and alcohol-free experience should select this building.

All students living in Substance-Free Housing must agree to the following statements:

  • I shall not use alcohol, tobacco, or other illegal substances inside or outside the residence hall.
  • I shall not allow those who visit me in my residence hall to use alcohol, tobacco, or other illegal substances in the residence hall.
  • If my behavior or that of my guests is found to be in violation of the expectations of the Substance-Free living area, I may be reassigned to another residence hall when space becomes available.

The activities and programs of the buildings will reflect the common interests of the residents. These activities may be planned by either Residence Life staff or interested residents.

To apply for the Substance-Free Housing option in Sussex Hall, select "Substance-Free" under "Themed Housing" and complete the supplemental application.

NOTE: While Theme Housing Options are generally only available to upperclassmen, Substance-Free Housing may be available to freshmen with special circumstances.

For further information, contact Housing Assignment Services online or at (302) 831-3676.

Honors Program LogoUpperclass Honors

Available in: North Central and South Central

We hope you will consider applying for Upperclass Honors Housing for 2013 - 2014. Students enrolled in the Honors Program with a 3.0 GPA or higher are guaranteed a space in Upperclass Honors Housing, except those honors students who wish to live with a non-Honors roommate. Other interested students who are not in the Honors Program with a 3.0 GPA or above are encouraged to apply and it is anticipated that spaces will be available. Assignments to the honors floors are not guaranteed to students not enrolled in the honors program. Upperclass Honors floors, which will house upperclass students are:

Building Floor Coed Scheme
Brown 3rd Female only
  4th Male only
Cannon All floors Alternate room
Harter 1st Female only
  2nd Alternate room
  4th Male only
Sharp 2nd Alternate room
  3rd Alternate room
  4th Female only
Sypherd 1st Alternate room
  3rd Female only
  4th Male only

NOTE: Sypherd is air-conditioned and accessible to students with disabilities. If you need air-conditioning, you must request Sharp or Sypherd.

Living in and participating in Upperclass Honors Housing is not required for the Advanced Honors Certificate, but it is one option towards fulfillment of those requirements.

Students already living in Upperclass Honors Housing will be able to return to their rooms, as long as they have a minimum 3.0 GPA and select the Return Request option. Students who wish to be placed on the Honors waiting list must complete the supplemental application.

For further information, contact Housing Assignment Services online or at (302) 831-3676.

Additional Housing Options

Gender Neutral Housing

Students who are interested in Gender Neutral Housing in Laird Campus Suites may email Please include your name, Student ID #, and the name and Student ID #of the student with whom you wish to live. You will be contacted by email with general information regarding this housing option for Fall of 2013.

Executive Apartments

A variety of 2-person, fully-furnished apartments (most are air-conditioned) are locate in traditional housing throughout campus, including freshmen buildings. Originally built for live-in staff, many of these apartments are now available for upper-division students. Priority is given to students who are members or leaders of executive councils in Registered Student Organizations. Residents of these apartments are eligible for on-campus meal plans, but are not required to participate in the dining plan (except for the two apartments noted). Executives will be encouraged and given resources to host an event or information session related to their organization within the residence hall. These apartments are very similar to those in the Christiana Towers, and Winter Session housing is included in the academic cost.

Students must reapply each year to live in Executive Apartments. The Return Request option is not guaranteed.

To apply, click on "Central Campus Suites/Apartments" under "Theme Housing."

Interested students should contact Jim Tweedy, Associate Director of Residence Life for more information and a list of apartments.

Application for Executive Apartments

Friends Together
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Get together with friends in a block of rooms, suites, or apartments anywhere on campus with this Theme Housing option. Just like selecting a "Roommate Captain" to group you with your roommates, you need to select ONE individual to serve as the "Block Captain" for Friends Together. There need to be enough students to fill each suite, room, or apartment.

In the Towers, you and your friends can request to live in adjacent apartments on a floor. Apartments 1 through 8 on each floor are one-bedroom (two-person) units and apartments 9 through 14 are two-bedroom (four-person) units. Within an apartment, there can only be one gender, but the block can hold apartments of different genders. There must be more than one room in your block to qualify. Each group must fill all aparments in the block, and applicants can apply for as many neighboring rooms as that group can completely fill.

In James Smith, Thomas McKean, Independence Hall, and Ray Street, rooms are arranged in suites of two rooms with a connecting bath. The four students in each suite must be the same gender, but students in other suites in the block may be the opposite gender. There are a very limited number of single suites (two single rooms with a connecting bath for groups of two). Singles are normally assigned to students who have the most semesters on campus.

In traditional halls, live on Central Campus and still maintain close living relationships with your group of friends. Rooms are arranged on a traditional hall, co-ed by wing. Choose double or single rooms, but know that there are a very limited number of single rooms.

It is important that EVERYONE in your Friends Together block select the SAME student as "Block Captain", including the Block Captain and his/her roommates, on your housing application to ensure your applications are processed together. Otherwise, you may be separated.

Your group may consist of just friends, students in the same major, students who enjoy the same interests or hobbies, etc. The possibilities are endless.

    Friends Together Block Captain

  • Designate a Block Captain
    • Groups individual students together as a Friends Together group
    • Be consistent - Make sure everyone in the block designate the same block captain, including the Block Captain him/herself
    • Designate the person with the highest assignment priority
      • Return Request
      • Greatest number of semesters having lived on campus

        NOTE: If one or more of your roommate group applied for housing after the housing application deadline of March 15, your group will be assigned after all students who met the application deadline have been assigned.

For further information, contact Housing Assignment Services online or at (302) 831-3676.

Suites on Central Campus

Available in: North Central and South Central

Live in large rooms and suites in traditional buildings which house two, three, or four students. Large rooms are rooms that have been designated as having sufficient space to accommodate more than two people. Some have one or more rooms and a bathroom. Others consists of two-rooms with a bath and two separate bedrooms with separate keys.

Below is a list of large rooms and suites available for the 2013 - 2014 year. Some suites may not be available because of the assignment of students with medical needs.

        Building Room Room Type Gender Capacity
        Brown 108 Large Room F 3
          111/112 Suite F 3
          201 Large Room M 3
          202 Large Room M 3
        Harter 311 Large Room M or F 3
          312 Large Room M or F 3
          313 Large Room M or F 3
          317 Large Room M or F 3
        Sharp 010 Large Room M 3
          022 Large Room M 3
          103 Large Room M or F 3
        Sussex 217 Suite - sub free M 2
          218/219 Suite - sub free M 2
        Sypherd 229 Large Room M or F 3
          230 Large Room M or F 3
        Warner 110/111 Suite F 4
        (mixed class) 201/202 Suite F 4
          213/214 Suite F 4
          215/216 Suite F 4
          219 Large Room F 4
          222/223 Suite F 4
          306 Large Room F 3
          317 Large Room F 3
          321 Large Room F 3
        Ray Street A, B, C tbd Large Room M or F 3

        Final rates for these rooms have not yet been announced by the Board of Trustees, but 2012 - 2013 rates are as follows:

        Multiple Suite: $7,010
        Single Suite: $8,414
        Triple/Quad: $6,516

        NOTE: Premium air-conditioned mall spaces (Syhperd and Sussex) are charged an additional $50 per semester.

        To apply, check "Suites on Central Campus" under "Theme Housing Options" and complete the comment box and follow the instructions for Theme Housing.

Theme Housing Application Process

      Preference Form

      You must submit the Preference Form to specify which Theme Housing Option is your first choice -- if applying for more than one -- and also to indicate what type of housing you wish to be considered for if you are unable to receive a Theme Housing assignment. Please be sure to read the information about non-theme housing.

      Theme Housing Options Process

      Except for Upperclass Honors Housing, all students who submit applications for Theme Housing Options are assigned manually. Return requests, number of Fall and Spring semesters on campus, and other criteria are considered in making Theme Housing assignments. Please read the information for complete details about your particular assignment process.

      If you are unable to be assigned to a Theme Housing Option, you will be switched to the type of housing you indicate at the end of the Preference Form. If you have applied for more than one Theme Housing Option and are not assigned to your first choice, your other Theme Housing applications will be considered before assigning you to any other process.

      IMPORTANT: A completed Housing Application, Preference Form, Theme Housing Supplemental Application, (except Honors) and $200 deposit must be submitted by the deadline -- March 15, 2013-- for a student to be considered as a Theme Housing candidate.