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Transfer Students

Transfer CommunityWelcome New Students!

So much of your final choice depends on whether you can envision yourself living in the residence halls, making friends on the floors, meeting in the dining hall and succeeding in the classroom.

Various on-campus living options are available:

In addition, suite-style buildings, and traditional housing options are available to transfer students.

Transfer students are not guaranteed housing. Students will be notified at the beginning of the summer about their status.

You can also visit the Residence Life website to find out more about our unique residential community. You will join a diverse group of more than 7,000 undergraduates by living on campus at the University of Delaware. UD residence halls and on-campus apartments are places to connect to people, academics, and a wide array of activities. We hope to provide the information you need and to help you envision yourself living here at the University of Delaware.

For a tour of on-campus housing options, please click here.

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Transfer Students

Transfer students may contact Housing Assignment Services to see if rooms on campus are available. Most transfer students will be housed in Smyth with other transfer students, however openings exist across campus. Email to learn more about our Transfer Living Learning Community.

Independence SquareWhen space is available, housing assignments are made in the order in which housing applications are received with consideration given to the commuting distance to the University. Consideration is also given to the student’s housing information; however, there is no guarantee of specific space, location, or roommate, etc. Although transfer students can request any upperclass area, availability in some of these areas may be limited. Regardless of where you are assigned, the opportunity to connect with other transfer students, share your experiences, discover resources, and become a part of the UD community through a special transfer student social network is available.

All students assigned to upperclass residence halls will be charged the published rate for the assigned hall type and room type. All upperclass students are required to pay the full amount for their assigned space whether or not it is the type of space requested on their Housing Application. Students who move from one hall or room type to a different hall or room type will be charged the published rate for the new space from the effective date of move-in.

Transfer students may apply for a variety of Theme Housing Options.

Upperclass Honors Housing is available to residents that are committed to individual academic achievement. They organize and participate in extensive extracurricular, social, and cultural programs coordinated by Residence Life staff, Senior Fellows, and upperclass Honors student volunteers. To request Honors housing, please email us at Transfer students do not have to be enrolled in the Honors Program to live in Upperclass Honors Housing, but a 3.0 Grade Point Average is normally required. Buildings with Honors floors include Brown, Harter, Sypherd, and Sharp in North Central, and Cannon in South Central Campus. These buildings also have non-honors floors.Virtual Tour!

Designed By You provides a unique atmosphere for students who have a common academic, social, or service interest to live under the same roof. Communities are open to undergraduate students regardless of major. Ray Street, where the communities are located, is an active area of campus where programs and activities are offered frequently. For more information about communities, see the Designed By You webpage.

Substance-free housing is available in Sussex.

Air-conditioned rooms in Kent, Sharp, Squire, Sussex and Sypherd are available to request for an additional cost of $50 per semester.

For a listing and descriptions of all Theme Housing Options, please click here. You will be able to apply for any Theme Housing Option when you submit your Housing Information online.

Room Assignments

On-campus housing is not guaranteed for transfer students for 2013-2014. Housing assignments are made in the order in which housing applications are received with consideration given to commuting distance to the University. Consideration is also given to the student's housing information however, there is no guarantee of specific space, location, or roommate, etc. Although transfer students can request any upperclass area, availability in some of these areas may be limited.

Upperclass Housing

Upperclass students live in the Christiana Towers Apartments, Independence Complex and Ray Street on the Laird Campus; Harter, Sharp, Brown, and Sypherd on the North Central Campus; Warner, Squire, Cannon, New Castle, Kent, and Sussex on the South Central Campus.


After submitting your housing information, proceed to the Roommate Characteristics questionnaire. These questions enable you to tell us about you in greater detail so that we can try to match you with a compatible roommate. Please note: Although all residence halls are designated as non-smoking, it is important for us to know your smoking preference. If you indicate that you smoke and are assigned to a double room, you will most likely be assigned to a roommate who smokes.

Housing Requests Involving Special Needs

At the University of Delaware, there is a variety of housing options to accommodate special needs for students. Housing Assignment Services understands that there are circumstances where particular requests and accommodations need to be considered. To accurately and equitably evaluate requests for housing based upon medical, psychological, or disability needs, we will need documentation of your need, consisting of an evaluation by an appropriate professional that relates the current impact of your condition to your housing request. New students must submit this information by May 31. Documentation received after this deadline may result in an assignment that does not match your needs. For complete details on housing requests involving special needs, please refer to the Special Needs Housing webpage, or contact Housing Assignment Services at (302) 831-3676.

PDF Housing Request for Medical, Psychological, or Disability Needs

New studentsRoommate Captain

If you are applying to live with an Upperclass student(s) who lives on campus, you must identify that student as the Roommate Captain in this section by using the University ID. The student living on campus should contact Housing Assignment Services for additional instructions. If you are applying to live with another Transfer student, one student should be identified as the Roommate Captain and the same Roommate Captain's student ID must be on both forms. The computer program recognizes the Roommate Captain as part of a specific roommate group. Note: Due to the Freshmen Academic requirement, it is not possible to live with an incoming Freshman during the fall semester.

Prioritize Your Preferences

Rank each preference category in priority order according to its importance to you. The computer program will satisfy as many preferences as possible according to the way you prioritize them. For example, if you indicate "Apartment Type" as your top priority, you might not be placed in your preferred building. (There may be no more of the apartment type you prefer left in that building when you are assigned.) Consider what is really most important to you as you prioritize your preferences.

Hall Type

Choose only one type if you wish. Your Room Type and Location choices always take precedence over your Hall Type preference.

Room Type

Here is where you indicate what type of room, suite, or apartment you prefer. Transfer students may request a single or double room, a single or double suite, or a one- or two-bedroom apartment.

Special Options

The Student Guide to University Policies contains detailed information about policies related to alcohol consumption.

  • Substance Free

    To further ensure the health and safety of the University community, all University-owned student housing on the Newark campus is smoke free. In addition, Squire Hall on South Central Campus is designated as a substance-free building, where residents agree to commit to a healthy lifestyle and to maintain a living environment free from alcohol, tobacco products, and other harmful substances.

  • Break Housing

    Break Housing is offered in the following residence halls, where residents may request to remain on campus for a nominal fee during academic-year break periods and in the Christiana Towers apartments, for no extra charge.

  • Designed By You

    If you wish to submit a supplemental application to live in Designed By You and it is your first choice of accommodation, indicate it in this section. For more information about the Designed By You communities, to get an application, or if there are questions call (302) 831-4311.


If you are a smoker, please realize that you must never smoke within the residence hall. It will be noticed quickly by your neighbors and those living above or near you, and is a policy violation. Actions such as covering smoke detectors are considered serious violations. Some Complex Community Councils also set guidelines for smoking near the exterior of the building; remember that you are responsible for following rules as established by your peers and community. If you would like to change the guidelines for smoking near the building, please become active with your Complex Community Council.

Smoking Objection

If you are a non-smoker, you may notice the smell of smoke on your roommate's clothes. If you are allergic to smoke or are very sensitive to the smell of smoke, you should answer “yes and I am smoke-sensitive”. Please understand that selecting this option will not result in any special accommodation such as an assignment in an air-conditioned hall. Please refer to the “Housing requests involving special needs” section for more details.

Dining at the University of Delaware

A dining plan is mandatory for all students living on campus with the exception of those living in the Christiana Towers Apartments. See Dining Plans for details.

Student Housing and Dining Agreements

The Student Housing and Dining Agreements are available online through the Student Guide to University Policies website. Please read the Agreements carefully before submitting your application. There are limited reasons for release from these Agreements. For those students who submit their application after June 1, the Agreements are binding immediately. Students who submit Housing and Dining Agreements are financially responsible for the cost of their residence hall space and their dining plan for the entire academic year. You will not be released from your Student Housing Agreement because you fail to sign in or occupy a space for fall or spring semester. If you wish to obtain a written copy of the full Housing Agreement, please contact Housing Assignment Services. For a written copy of the Dining Services Agreement, please contact Dining Services at (302) 831-6761.