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Spring Admit Students

Students study on The Green.

Spring Admits

If you are applying for housing for spring semester only, be sure to indicate "Spring" and the appropriate year on your application, and submit the application and deposits within two weeks of receiving your acceptance packet. If you later wish to cancel, you may do so by December 20 for a refund of your housing deposit. After December 20, the Academic Year Student Housing and Dining Agreements become binding, and students are financially responsible for the residence hall space and dining plan for the remainder of the academic year.

All students assigned to upperclass residence halls will be charged the published rate for the assigned hall type and room type. All upperclass students are required to pay the full amount for their assigned space whether or not it is the type of space requested on their Housing Application. Students who move from one hall or room type to a different hall or room type will be charged the published rate for the new space from the effective date of move-in.

Upperclass Housing

Upperclass students live in the Christiana Towers apartments, Independence Complex and Ray Street on the Laird Campus; Harter, Sharp, Brown, and Sypherd on North Central Campus; Warner, Squire, Cannon, New Castle, Kent, and Sussex on South Central Campus.Virtual Tour!

Moving In

To learn more about Move-In Day, visit the Move-In Guide website.

Housing Policy

Housing Assignment Services and Residence Life oversee the Housing policies. Students must abide by all policies; policies are designed to protect the rights of all students and to encourage responsibility in each community. To read the policies in detail, view the Student Housing Agreement.

Smoking Policy

To further ensure the health and safety of the University community, all University-owned housing on the Newark campus is smoke-free.

If you are a smoker, please realize that you must never smoke in the residence halls. Smoking is a policy violation and your neighbors will notice quickly. Actions such as covering smoke detectors are considered serious violations. Some Complex Community Councils have created guidelines for smoking near the exterior of the building; remember that you are responsible for following rules established by your peers and community. If you would like to change the guidelines for smoking near the building, please become active with your Complex Community Council.

Dining at the University of Delaware

A meal plan is mandatory for all students living on campus with the exception of those living in the Christiana Towers Apartments. See the Dining Services website for details.

Student Housing and Dining Agreements

Please read the Student Housing and Dining Agreements carefully before submitting your application. There are limited reasons for release from these Agreements. The Agreements become binding immediately for students who submit their applications after December 20. Students who submit Housing and Dining Agreements are financially responsible for the cost of their residence hall space and their dining plan for the entire academic year. You will not be released from the Student Housing Agreement because you fail to sign in or occupy a space for fall or spring semester.

If you wish to obtain a written copy of the Housing Agreement, please contact Housing Assignment Services. For a written copy of the Dining Services Agreement, please call Dining Services at (302) 831-6761.

Application Timeline

May 1 Deadline for incoming freshmen to submit Housing Application. (January 15 for Spring Admits)
May 7 - May 31 Roommate selection available on the Housing Application on My Blue Hen Home
May 31 Deadline for Special Needs Housing, Break Housing, Substance-Free Housing, and All-Female Housing
June 1 Housing Agreement becomes binding. (December 20 for Spring Admits)
1st week of August Housing Assignments will be available on UDSIS. You will receive an email with a link to your assignment information.
January 24 Spring Semester Housing Assignments will be available on UDSIS. You will receive an email with a link to your assignment information.

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