University of Delaware

Room Changes

Types of Room Changes

A Mid-Semester Room Change is for students who wish to move to another room immediately, before the semester ends. A Mid-Year Room Change is for students who wish to move to another room at the beginning of Spring Semester.A Summer Room Change is for students who wish to be reassigned before the Fall Semester begins.

If you are applying for a Mid-Year Room Change or a Summer Room Change, you will be asked to explain what type of room change you are requesting. Please read the following room change types and descriptions, and decide which is most applicable to your situation:

  • Friends/Pairs/Groups: Two or more students wish to live together. All students interested in moving must complete a Mid-Year Room Change form and include the names of all students involved. Please keep in mind that it is more difficult for us to reassign two or more students together than it is to reassign an individual student.
  • Mutual Room Change: Two students wish to trade places with one another. Each student must complete a Mid-Year Room Change form. If one student is planning to cancel their Housing Agreement or withdraw from the University, you may not submit a Mutual Room Change request. However, you may submit a form requesting that particular space.
  • Select Your Roommate: If there is a vacancy that you would like to fill, you may submit a request listing the location of the room and the name of the student who currently resides there. That student should also send an email to
  • Chain Move:A chain move is necessary when more than one room change is requested. For instance, a chain move would apply if Sue is graduating, Mary wants to take Sue's space, and Kim wants to take Mary's space. All students involved in the chain move must submit their Mid-Year Room Change forms together. Each must list the names of all students involved on their form.
  • Individual Room Change: An individual wishes to receive a different assignment, but is not involved in any other type of room change. For example, Scott wants to be moved to a single in another location, or to a double without a specific roommate.
  • Designed by You and Upperclass Honors Housing: To inquire about vacancies in Designed by You or Upperclass Honors housing, please contact the Ray Street Complex Coordinator for Designed by You (302 831-4311), or Housing Assignment Services for Upperclass Honors Housing (302 831-3676).

Students who move from one hall or room type to a different hall or room type will be charged the published rate for the new space from the effective date of move-in. Incoming freshman students who choose to move to a building designated as an upperclass building during the academic year will be responsible for the published housing rate for that type of room from the effective date of the move.

Mid-Semester Room Change

If you wish to move during the semester, you must complete the Mid-Semester Room Change Form, starting September 12th, and be approved. (Spring dates will be announced.) Students should initiate the Mid-Semester Room Change process by speaking to their Hall Director or contacting Housing Assignment Services in order to discuss options and determine available spaces. Students must list a specific available room and building on the form.

Once the form is completed, it is routed to your current Hall Director, who must be the first to approve the room change. Your current hall director will check with the Hall Director of your desired location, to confirm that a vacancy exists. Once the second Hall Director approves the form, it will be forwarded to Housing Assignment Services for final approval.

If your request receives all approvals, you will be notified by email that your assignment has been changed and that a new key and access card are available for pick-up. At this point, you must make arrangements with your new Hall Director to pick up the new key and access card, and you must also arrange to return your key and access card to your current Hall Director. Students must move within forty-eight hours of room change notification.

Please note that freshman students who choose to move to a building designated as an upperclass building for the Spring Semester will be responsible for the published housing rate for that type of room from the effective date of the move.

Mid-Year Room Change

If you would like to move to another space for the Spring Semester, you must complete the Mid-Year Room Change form and be approved. Please be sure to list a phone number on the form where you can be reached throughout January, in case Housing Assignment Services needs to contact you during the Winter break.

The form will ask you to list any choice where you will accept reassignment, and to number these choices in order of preference. You will only be moved to a choice which you have selected, so only number areas which you would be willing to move to. Selecting a greater number of options only increases your chances of being moved.

NOTE: Students who wish to move to a different space in their current building will be given priority for vacancies within that building whenever possible. Students moving out of extended housing will receive priority for spaces in their building/complex over students from other areas. Individual circumstances will also be considered in room change prioritization, as well as the total number of previous semesters a student has lived on campus. Input from your Hall Director is requested.

List any additional comments you would like us to consider when evaluating your room change request. Additional comments should be sent via e-mail to Housing Assignment Services at: If you select more than one, please note your order of preference in the "Additional Comments" area.

Check the box corresponding to the type of room change you are applying for. See "Types of Room Changes" listed above for details.

Mid-Year Room Change forms will be made available online from November 26 through December 12. Room assignment information will become available after January 25 online, we cannot provide this information by phone. Please note that room changes are not granted on a first-come, first-served basis, and that all room changes are binding.

If you apply for a room change, you must abide by the following moving conditions. Failure to do so may cause your request to be canceled or may result in the removal and storage of your belongings at your own risk.

If you are not living in the residence halls during Winter Session:

  • You must completely vacate your room by the Fall Semester residence hall check-out deadline.
  • Your room must be left in clean and satisfactory condition.
  • You must take all belongings home or arrange to store them with a friend. If students do not remove all their items their Mid-Year Room Change Request will be cancelled.
  • You must sign the Check-In/Check-Out form for the room that you are leaving.
  • Your key and access card must be turned in to the Hall Director.
  • You must check in to your new assignment during the regular Spring check-in dates and time.
  • If you have not been reassigned, you must return to your Fall Semester assignment.

If you are living in the residence halls during Winter Session:

  • You must remain in your Fall Semester assignment for Winter Session.
  • After room changes are announced at the end of January, you may move to your new room if it is available. Contact your new Hall Director to check the status of the room (it may not be vacant or cleaned yet).
  • If your new assignment is not available during Winter Session, you must check in on the first day of regular Spring check-in.
  • Upon leaving your old assignment, you must return the room key and access card to the Hall Director, sign the Check-In/Check-Out form with the Hall Director, and ensure that the room has been left in clean and satisfactory condition.

  • If you have submitted a Room Change request and have not been approved, you will remain in your Fall Semester assignment. Additional room changes may be made during the second week of Spring Semester, however; information about this will be posted in your residence hall.

    Academic-Year (Summer) Room Changes for Fall Semester

    Like Mid-Year Room Changes, Academic-Year Room Changes will not be granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Rather, requests received between April 26 and May 31 will be considered individually, according to the number of Fall and Spring semesters a student has lived on campus, as well as specific circumstances or need. Requests received after May 31 wil have less priority and will be considered if time and availability permits.

    The Academic-Year Room Change has space for additional comments. If you would like to attach any pertinent documentation to your request, please mail (5 Courtney Street, Newark, DE 19716) email (, or fax (302 831-4266) this to Housing Assignment Services. Medical documentation should be submitted according to the Special Needs Documentation policy. If you are requesting to move to a Designed By You, Substance-Free, or Upperclass Honors housing, please indicate that intent on the form. Make sure you check the appropriate location(s) on the form, as well. You do not need to submit a supplemental application for these Unique Housing Options.

    Room changes are not guaranteed, as they are dependent upon cancellations received throughout the summer from other assigned students. Room changes are processed in July, as most cancellations and withdrawals are received in June. If your request is processed, you will be notified of your new assignment around early-July. Students who plan to obtain a parking permit will receive notification of their new housing assignment before permits are issued.

    The Academic-Year Room Change form will ask you to rank your room change preferences (location, hall type, and room type). The more preferences you list, the greater your chances of being reassigned will be. Please note that if you are not reassigned, you must remain in your current assignment.