University of Delaware

Special Needs Students

The University of Delaware strives to provide a housing assignment to meet every student's needs. A variety of housing options already exist to accommodate you, so please make your housing decisions carefully. We understand that there are exceptions and circumstances where particular requests and accommodations need to be considered, and they are evaluated carefully. To consider requests for housing based on medical, psychological, or disability needs accurately and equitably, documentation is required. This documentation consists of an evaluation by an appropriate professional that relates the current impact of the condition to the request.

PDF Housing Request for Medical, Psychological, or Disability Needs


Medical information is confidential and is shared on a "need-to-know" basis. It is maintained in the Office of Disability Support Services. Students can access the Housing Documentation Form here. For returning students who already have a Housing Documentation Form on file, please contact the DSS Office at (302) 831-4643. A new form may or may not be necessary.

Please send completed documentation to:

Office of Disability Support Services
325 Academy Street
Perkins Student Center, Suite 161
Newark, DE  19716

Fax: (302) 831-3261

Returning students must submit documentation or have confirmation that documentation is not needed by March 15. New students must submit information by May 31. Students requesting housing after May 1 must submit documentation within one week of submitting the Housing Application. Documentation received after these deadlines may result in an assignment that does not meet the student's needs.

Special Needs Housing

Medical conditions that do not qualify as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act are considered on a space-available basis. In such cases, requests for specific housing arrangements will be considered as options are available, but specific housing cannot be guaranteed. For example, requests to have air conditioning due to allergies or asthma, which are usually not ADA disabilities, are considered only if space is available in residence halls with existing air conditioning systems.

If a student is in a special program (e.g. Honors), and the student's need is not available where the program is housed, it may be possible to live in a different residence hall where the student can be accommodated. In cases of ADA necessity, the Universiy may install an air conditioning unit in rooms housing special programs.

NOTE: While each request will be considered, specific areas and types of rooms are not guaranteed. The room assignment is for the student with the documented disability only. Specific roommates requests may or may not be accommodated.

Please see the DSS website for more information.