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2012-2013 Move-In Guide

Arrival Survival Team

Residence Life

Residence Life staff members will help you establish a sense of belonging in the larger University community through community development, campus involvement opportunities, and exposure to campus services and units that will enhance your out-of-class experience. The residential experience allows you to explore broad citizenship nd leadership themes through a variety of service and philanthropy initiatives and community discussions.

Staff Overview

Throughout your residential experience, you will most often interact with your Resident Assistant or Residence Hall Coordinator/Hall Director, however all of our staff members are available to help you with your transition to life at UD:

  • Complex Coordinators (CCs) – One CC lives in or near each residence hall complex. CCs are full-time professional staff members with master's degrees and several years of Residence Life experience. They are responsible for working with all the staff and students in the complex to create vibrant and engaging living communities that support students' academic work. CCs advise Complex Community Councils, help Residence Life staff members manage on-campus housing and facilities concerns, and encourage student leadership and engagement. They are experienced problem solvers and can work with a wide variety of concerns.
  • Residence Hall Coordinators (RHCs) – RHCs live in the residence halls and are full-time professional staff members with master's degrees. They supervise RAs, interact frequently with students, co-advise student groups, respond to student conflicts or behavioral concerns, and help with a variety of college adjustment issues.
  • Hall Directors (HDs) - HDs are graduate students who live in the residence halls, supervise the RAs, interact frequently with students, co-advise student groups, respond to student conflicts or behavioral concerns, and help with a variety of college adjustment issues.
  • Student Engagement Advisors (SEAs) - SEAs are upper division undergraduate student leaders who have served as Resident Assistants in the past. They develop activities and programs that connect residents to the University and Newark communities, and assist with Complex Community Councils.
  • Resident Assistants (RAs) -   RAs are upper division undergraduate student leaders who live on each floor and will provide you with advice and support throughout the academic year. They help students struggling with challenges and connect them with the resources they need to be successful at UD.

» Residence Life Staff contact information

Residence Hall Involvement, Engagement, Service, and Leadership Opportunities

Residence Life staffThe residence halls are not just a place to sleep – living on campus provides you with an experience you won’t be able to get anywhere else in Newark. From leadership opportunities to volunteering, there are countless ways you can get involved to directly benefit your community while having fun, learning life skills, and making friends.

Getting involved and taking an active role in the residence hall community is an important aspect of your first year at UD. Every student has the opportunity to impact and influence their community, so don't hesitate to jump in!

Residence Life sponsors a wide variety of programs on campus every year ranging from community service events to floor socials, so there is something for everyone!

SIF (Student Initiative Fund)

Programming funds are set aside for any student who wants to organize an activity or event on their residence hall floor. Hundreds of students become involved by organizing floor parties, game nights, or hall-wide competitions. RAs are ready and willing to help you turn your idea into a reality. If you enjoy planning events, you can also opt to assist other students in their efforts.

Contact your RA to get started or send an email to with any questions you may have!

Resident Assistant (RA) Internship Program

Each residence hall coordinates an internship program for students who are interested in becoming RAs or getting more involved. RA interns will assist with leadership roles performed by RAs including floor meetings, organizing activities and managing administrative aspects of the hall. Interns are also connected with UD Career Services and other campus offices as a part of the experience.

Talk with your Complex Coordinator if you are interested.

Green Teams

Residence Hall students who are interested in environmental issues form "Green Teams" to lead initiatives designed to promote recycling, environmentally conscious practices, and enhanced environmental awareness among residence hall students which support the UD Climate Action Plan.

Contact your RA to get involved!

Complex Community Councils (CCCs)

Each residential complex has a leadership council, also known as a Complex Community Council (CCC). CCCs are a great way to take an active role to improve your area of campus. CCC members will:

  • Serve as representatives at Resident Student Association (RSA) meetings
  • Support community growth
  • Develop unique programs and activities for each complex

To become involved, please contact your Complex Coordinator, Residence Hall Coordinator, or Hall Director.

Resident Student Association (RSA)

RSA at CAACURHRSA is the governing body for students in the residence halls. RSA received the 2011 Program of the Year award at the Central Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (CAACURH) and was awarded the opportunity to host the 2012 CAACURH No-Frills conference.

RSA members:

  • Organize and support activities
  • Provide leadership opportunities
  • Address student concerns
  • Attend conferences and annual retreats
  • Form partnerships with other student organizations and the University administration through meetings and co-sponsorships

Visit the RSA office in room 304 of the Perkins Student Center or call (302) 831-2773 for more information.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)


The National Residence Hall Honorary is the only nationwide organization that exclusively recognizes leaders in the residence halls; it is also considered the recognition branch of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH), Inc.  To become involved visit the NRHH website.

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