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2012-2013 Move-In Guide


Computer on The GreenComputer & IT Services

Setting Up Your Computer

You will need to set up your computer for a wireless connection as well as a residence hall Ethernet connection.

For detailed information, visit the IT Services New Student web page.

Computer Security and The Code of the Web

UD provides ubiquitous wireless coverage in the residence halls. In addition, all students who live on campus will be provided with an Ethernet connection for direct access to the UD Network and the Internet.  It is important that you review the information about maintaining your computer’s security as well as the Code of the Web.

Code of the WebNew students must complete the UCCE (University Community Citizenship Examination) and ECCE (Electronic Community Citizenship Examination) before registering with the UD network. Both UCCE and ECCE are available online on the  UDelNet web page.

You are responsible for managing your computer and its anti-virus software, as well as the way you use the UD Network. Your network connection is a privilege, so please use the web responsibly.

Computer Repairs and Help

If your computer becomes infected with viruses, worms, or spyware, visit the IT Security website to clean up your system and prevent future attacks. University staff is also available for a fee of $70-$100 if you need further assistance.

Computer on The GreenTechnology Tips

  • Consider bringing a laptop computer with wireless capabilities so you can use the UD Network anywhere.
  • Computing sites are available on all areas of campus. To find the location closest to your residence hall, please visit the IT Services website.
  • Bring your own printer. Laser printers are available at all University computing sites; however you will be charged to use them.
  • If you’re looking to purchase a new computer, don’t forget to take advantage of UD’s special pricing agreements. (In order to view current prices, you must activate your UDelNet ID.)
  • GO GREEN: Help UD become more sustainable! Reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing a system that is Energy Star Certified.

Cable TV

All residence hall rooms are wired for cable TV. Bring a cable-ready TV to campus, as well as a coaxial cable to connect your TV to the cable outlet in your room. If you have problems with your cable connection, please submit a request online or call (302) 831-6000.

Once you set up your TV, check out the following UD Channels for important updates and information:

  • Channel 2 – UD’s 24 hour information channel; provides information on a variety of events and topics
  • Channel 48 - Carries UD’s academic request programming.
  • Channel 49 - Student Television Network; programming produced and/or selected by UD students
  • Channel 67 - TV Guide Channel; offers hourly listing of commercial channels

»View a list of all available channels.


Did you know? UD Cable also improves FM Radio reception! Be sure to tune into 91.3 WVUD for the greatest selection of music in Delaware.

Telephone Services

Although a local phone service is not provided, students may use the telephones located in hallways of the residence halls for emergencies. The University encourages students to bring cell phones to communicate with family members and friends. Students should also consider using online services such as Skype and Google Chat.

Students may request to install a local land line service by submitting the following information to

Residence Hall Name:
Room Number:
University of Delaware e-mail address:
Contact phone number or private e-mail address:

Please note: You will be charged a $250 fee for installation and a $100 fee to install a phone line. For more information visit the Telephone Services website.

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