University of Delaware

Spring 2013 Move-In Guide

We're looking forward to your arrival! Be sure to complete the following before you get to campus:

  1. Check housing assignment information in December for Winter Session and January for Spring Semester. You will receive an email from Housing Assignment Services with a link to the UDSIS page.
  2. Contact your roommate, if possible (this may be difficult if he or she lives overseas). It is important to introduce yourself and discuss what you want to pack so you don't end up with duplicate items (e.g. 2 TVs).
  3. Review Residence Hall Policies and Regulations.
  4. Review Student Code of Conduct and Code of the Web.
  5. Check in online. Electronic check-in saves time and helps us conserve resources! Learn more about the University's initiative to reduce its carbon footprint.
  6. Pack your belongings.

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