University of Delaware

Resident's Handbook

NOTE: This handbook is for informational use for residents of Graduate Student and Family Housing. The Student Guide to University Policies is the source for official University of Delaware policies.


On behalf of the Housing Assignment Services Staff, we would like to welcome you to Graduate Student and Family Housing at the University of Delaware!

Below, you will find information to help you make Newark your home. Whether you have lived in Graduate Student and Family Housing for a significant period of time or are new to the area, we hope that you will find this information useful and informative. From Graduate Student and Family Housing specifics to community resources, this guide will serve as a quick-reference tool to help lead you in the proper direction.

Please let us know if you have topics that you would like to see us address in future printings. Should you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you during your residency at the University of Delaware.

Table of Contents

  1. Important Phone Numbers
  2. Introduction
  3. Mail Delivery
  4. Lease/Contract Information
  5. Inspections/Maintenance
  6. Technology/Communication/Security
  7. Safety and Security
  8. Troubleshooting Guide
  9. Frequently Called Numbers
  10. Resource Information

Important Phone Numbers

Fire/Police/Ambulance 911
Campus Police 302-831-2222
Poison Control 1-800-222-1222
Conover Apartments/Graduate House Apartment Manager
Samanta Lopez
Apartment Phone: 302-837-1986
Duty Phone: 302-887-0519
Apartment Maintenance Requests 302-831-1141
Housing Office 302-831-3676
UD Directory/Information 302-831-2000

IT Help Center 302-831-6000


  • Housing Areas

    You are living in one of two housing areas - the Graduate House, or the Conover Apartments. Single graduate students live in the Graduate House. The Conover Apartments house single graduate students, nontraditional students, and students with families.

    The Conover Apartments

    The Conover Apartments consist of two buildings -- Conover East and Conover West -- which face each other and are separated by a parking lot. Conover has 16 two-bedroom apartments and 32 one-bedroom apartments, equally distributed between the east and west sides. Four are wheelchair accessible, two in each building. Each resident receives one key and an access card. The card opens the exterior door to your building and the laundry room. The key opens your apartment door, your U.S. mailbox, and your storage unit located in the laundry room. Laundry facilities are in the two 'L' shaped corners of each building.

    The Graduate House

    The Graduate House is located at 183 West Main Street in Newark, Delaware. This three-story, air conditioned house accommodates seven to nine single graduate students in separate bedrooms and is very
    accessible to campus. Common areas include the kitchen, dining room, living room, and three bathrooms. A low-cost laundry facility is available on the first floor. Residents are responsible for cleaning the common areas of the house. Window treatments are provided for the entire house. An area rug, sofa, love seat, chair, lamps, and end tables furnish the living room. Each bedroom is furnished with a bed (mattresses are 80” long), dresser, study desk, and chair.

    Note: For more information about mail delivery, see the 'mail delivery' section.

  • Staff

    There are three staff members who manage Graduate Student and Family Housing:

    The Apartment Manager resides in Conover West 12, and the phone number is (302) 837-1986. The Apartment Manager is responsible for the Conover Complex and the Graduate House. The Apartment Manager handles the day-to-day responsibilities of the Graduate Student and Family Housing areas. Unless it concerns a repair, the Apartment Manager should typically be the first person you contact should you have a question or a concern.

    Martha Bailey ( is a Records Analyst with Housing Assignment Services (302-831-3676). Martha handles many of the 12-month housing issues (contracts, etc.). If the Apartment Manager is unable to answer your questions or concerns, then you should contact Martha.

    Karen DeMonte ( is the Assistant Director of Housing Assignment Services. Her responsibilities include the overall coordination of the Graduate Student and Family Housing areas.

  • On-Call Coverage

    Should you need to contact the Apartment Manager, we ask you to follow the guidelines below:

    1. Call your Apartment Manager in Conover West 12 at (302) 837-1986.
    2. If your need is not of an emergency nature, please leave a voice mail message with the Apartment Manager. All phone calls will be answered within 24 hours unless noted differently on the Apartment Manager's voice mail message (e.g. – he/she might be going away for the weekend).
    3. If your concern needs to be addressed immediately, you can call the Apartment Manager on the duty phone at (302) 887-0519. If the Apartment Manager does not answer, allow at least 30 minutes before calling again. Please understand that the Apartment Manager may be in class and will need time to leave and respond to your call.
    4. If your need is an EMERGENCY, especially where health and safety are at risk, please call Public Safety first at (302) 831-2222. They are trained to handle emergencies and can respond quickly to your needs.

    Please note that no one is on-call during University holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break.) Special instructions will be provided at that time.

Mail Delivery

Note: Do not include "University of Delaware”, as it will delay your mail. Campus mail (staying within the University environment) does not need a postage stamp.

  • Addresses


    U.S. mail is delivered to each apartment's private mailbox. Outgoing U.S. mail can be set on the shelf under the campus mail box to be picked up by the mail carrier. Campus mail will be delivered each weekday by the
    Apartment Manager and will be placed in the wooden mailbox. Outgoing campus mail can be placed in the campus mailbox in the laundry room between Conover West units 1-4 and 5-8. Please note there is a different address for East and West. Your mailing address is:

    East West
    Your Name
    93 Amstel Ave.
    Room Number and Building
    Newark, DE 19711
    Your Name
    97 Amstel Ave.
    Room Number and Building
    Newark, DE 19711

    Graduate House

    U.S. mail is delivered to the mailbox outside the Graduate House front door. Outgoing U.S. mail can be placed in the same box. Residents are responsible for removing the mail from the mailbox and placing it in
    each tenant's mail slot in the living room. Your mailing address is:

    Your Name
    183 West Main Street, Room Number
    Newark, DE 19711
  • Problems with U.S. Postal Service Mailboxes

    If you cannot access the U.S. Postal Service Mailbox, please call the Operations Center at (302) 831-1141 to report
    the problem. They will make arrangements for the mailbox to be repaired.


Lease/Contract Information

The items listed below are included for the purpose of emphasizing certain policies. The Graduate Student and Family Housing Agreement contains all of the terms of the lease. Please read it thoroughly.

  • Apartment Condition Report

    When you moved into your apartment, the Apartment Manager, or another representative, did a thorough walk-through with you and gave you a copy of the Check-In Check-out Form. This document signifies the condition of the apartment upon your arrival as well as the amount of furniture located in your living space (if furnished). Please make sure that this report is accurate, as it will be the basis by which billing is assessed after you vacate your apartment at the end of your lease.

  • Rent Payments

    Your rent will be charged to your UD student account each month. You are expected to keep your student account current at all times. The rent should be paid by the 5th of each month. For example, September rent should be paid by September 5. October rent should be paid by October 5, and so on. If your student account becomes past-due, you will incur a $55.00 late fee every month that a balance remains on your student account. For information about late fees, please visit the Student Financial Services website.

    Student Financial Services provides options for you to pay your bill. For more information regarding payment, or to make a payment, please visit the Student Financial Services website.

  • Apartment Renewal

    Each spring, our office will send you a Housing Intention Form. This form allows current residents to receive priority in requesting housing for the next academic year. To insure that your apartment is not reassigned to someone else, it is important to return the form by the deadline (usually by May 1). It is important to submit the form even if you will not be returning to University housing. Please note that if you request to renew your agreement, your deposit will carry over. If you sign up to renew and then change your mind after May 31, you will not receive a refund of your deposit.

  • Apartment Releases

    At least 30 days before a resident needs to be released from the housing agreement, the resident should come to Housing Assignment Services at 5 Courtney Street to fill out a form entitled “Request for Release from Graduate Student and Family Housing.” A list of acceptable and unacceptable circumstances for being released from your Agreement and the procedure for requesting release can be found on the Graduate Student Housing Agreement website.

  • Moving Out

    Prior to moving out, each resident must schedule a checkout appointment with the apartment manager seven days prior to your date of departure. Your apartment will be inspected, and the key and access card will be

    Please note that ALL personal belongings and debris (trash, etc.) must be removed from your apartment (don't forget the refrigerator) and storage area. Any excessive cleaning/trash removal that has to be done will be deducted from your security deposit. Housing Assignment Services is not responsible for any belongings left in your apartment rooms or storage area.

    We strongly suggest that you contact the post office to have your mail forwarded as well and update your address in the UD Student Information System (UDSIS).

    If there is no damage billing, the key and access card are returned, and all rent has been paid, then the security deposit should be refunded to you within 30 days of checkout. However, if you have any
    outstanding University balances with any department, the security deposit will not be refunded directly to you. It may be refunded to your student account.

    You must schedule a checkout appointment within seven (7) days of check out. Please note that failure to schedule a checkout may result in a significant delay in the refund of the security deposit in addition to charges that may be incurred for changing your locks.

  • Parking

    A parking permit is required in order to park in front of Conover Apartments or behind the Graduate House. Parking permits can be purchased through Parking Services. The Parking Services office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and is located at 413 Academy Street. Questions regarding Parking Services can be answered by calling (302) 831-1184. As a general rule, all vehicles parked on campus must have a permit or must be parked in one of our paid parking areas such as meter parking, the visitor parking lot, or parking garage. For more information, please visit the Parking and Transportation website.

  • Dining Services

    There are many University Dining options available, including a variety of meal plans. For further information contact the Dining Services Office:
    • Phone Number: (302) 831-4033
    • Menu Hotline: UD1-MENU
    Dining Services Website


  • Inspections

    There are two types of inspections that will occur in your apartment/room over the course of the year. One will focus on your fire extinguisher (if you live in an apartment) and the other on the overall condition of your
    living space.

    Fire Extinguishers: The University has contracted with an outside company to check the fire extinguisher in your apartment or house once per month to insure that it is operational. This is required by law, and you do
    not need to be present. Unfortunately, we will not be told of the inspector's schedule.

    General Inspection: Twice each year, your Apartment Manager will be entering your apartment to conduct a general inspection. This inspection will occur between the hours of noon and 7:00 P.M. The purpose of this inspection is to inventory University furniture, create work order requests for apartment deficiencies, and to ensure that University policies and procedures are being properly followed. Should the Apartment Manager
    have a concern with policy violations related to your apartment, you will receive written notice. While the Apartment Manager will make an effort to let you know in advance of the inspection, this will not always be the case (once again, you do not need to be present). Should you wish to be present in the apartment when the inspection is undertaken, please contact your Apartment Manager prior to the date the inspections are scheduled to begin.
  • Repairs

    The Facilities Operations Center takes repair requests. Skilled tradespeople and others within the University are given work assignments as repair needs are called in by residents or University staff. Since there are many buildings and more than 7,000 people living on-campus, not all work orders are handled immediately. They are prioritized depending upon the type of work and the severity of the problem. In general, most work orders
    are completed within ten working days.

    When there is something in your apartment/room that needs to be repaired, please call (302) 831-1141. You will be asked specific questions as to what the problem is so that we may send the appropriate University personnel to repair the problem. Unless the item to be repaired was damaged through negligence on your part, you will NOT be billed for the repair work. The vast majority of all repairs are not billed to the apartment/room tenant.

    If you have work orders that have not received a response within ten working days, we encourage you to contact your Apartment Manager to follow-up on your behalf. September and June are extremely heavy work order months, and it may take longer for routine repairs to be completed at these times.

  • Pest Control/Pets

    Due to the fact that all of our living spaces have some type of kitchen (common or personal), pests and other creatures will undoubtedly find their way into our buildings. We ask that you do your part by confining foods to your living/dining area. Also, please do not leave food out in the open for long periods of time.

    Should you experience a problem with pests/insects, we ask that you notify (302) 831-1141 immediately. Please do not wait for the problem to get worse before notifying our offices. Prompt notification will help us keep pests from traveling to other living spaces.

    With damage to apartments, odors, and allergies, pets present a large problem for new and current tenants. Keeping PETS in University-owned buildings is PROHIBITED. Tenants found to be in possession will be charged for fumigation of the apartment and also face dismissal (while still being held financially accountable for the remainder of the Graduate Student and Family Housing Agreement). Approved service animals are an exception to this policy.

  • Fire Alarms/Drills

    We are required by law to conduct two fire alarm evacuations each semester. Public Safety is responsible for the alarm and making sure that all evacuation procedures are followed. While residents are not given advance notice of the drills, they should last no longer than 15 minutes. In addition, all drills will occur after 3:00 P.M. and before 7:00 P.M. to ensure that there is as little disruption as possible. Evacuation is mandatory.

    When your fire alarm sounds, you must leave the building immediately and stay 200 feet away from the entrance to your building. All alarms must be treated as if they are real. Public Safety will notify you when it is permissible to re-enter your living space.

  • Sprinklers

    The state of the art fire alarm/suppression system in the building combines smoke detection with a sprinkler system for maximum protection of life and property. Please do not cover up or place any item in front of the detector or sprinkler heads, as this will impede their function. A sprinkler head will activate if enough force or stress is placed against the unit so never hang items from the head or piping or strike the head with any object. Sprinkler water is not clean and cannot be shut off quickly. Sprinklers are designed only to go off in the location of the emergency to suppress the fire. When one goes off, it does not set off the rest of the system.

  • Light Bulbs

    Your apartment should have working light bulbs in all fixtures when you move in. Once you have moved in, we do not replace incandescent light bulbs. Please purchase them from a supermarket, hardware, or housewares store. Should your fluorescent bulb need replacing upon move-in, please contact (302) 831-1141 and University housekeeping staff will respond to your request.


  • Voicemail

    Each University student has been assigned a private voice mailbox so you can receive messages from your professors, family, and friends. Please go to visit the Voicemail website for all information and instructions.

  • Computing and Technology

    To register your computer for internet access, please visit the Network Systems & Services website. Please visit the IT Services website to obtain information on the status of the University's systems, answers to FAQ, and all computing resources.

  • Cable Television

    As part of your rent, you receive cable television. There are more than 50 cable television stations, including Student Television Network and other UD--sponsored channels. The University does not have a contract for premium stations (HBO, etc.) nor is it possible at this time to order premium channels. For more information about setting up your cable, go to the IT Academic Technology Services site.

  • Microwave Ovens

    A microwave oven is not provided by the University. You may obtain your own through local stores such as Target, Wal-Mart and Kmart. The microwave must be 700 watts or less.

  • University Policies

    In order to promote the finest educational experience possible, the University of Delaware has established high standards of conduct for its students and student organizations. Individual students and student organizations are expected to know and comply with the policies in the Code of Conduct. Students who violate, attempt to violate, or aid others in violating its provisions may face sanctions for their actions. Please review the Student Guide to University Policies.

  • Quiet/Courtesy Hours

    Maintaining an environment that is conducive to study is important. We ask that residents abide by the following:

    1. Noise should be kept to a minimum between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 10:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. If you have a family, please be mindful of the noise that children may make.
    2. Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours per day. Should a resident have a reason to ask you or your guests to be quieter, we ask that you honor this request.


Safety and Security

  • Safety and Security

    The safety of all of our residents is a priority. However, we need your assistance in keeping the buildings safe.  Please note the following:

    Propped Doors: Residents who prop doors create an opportunity for someone to enter who does not belong in the building. To enhance the safety of all residents, an alarm will sound if front doors are propped open. DO NOT PROP DOORS OPEN.

    Lost Key: If you lose or misplace your key, please notify the Apartment Manager immediately.   The Apartment Manager will give you a spare key to use for up to 48 hours.   If you do not return the original key signed out to you within 48 hours, a core change will be ordered and your UD student account will be charged.  You will then return the spare key to the Apartment Manager who will issue you the new key for the new core.  If the core change is done Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., the charge will be $80.00.  If the core is changed at any other time, the charge will be $115.

    Lost Access Card: If you have lost or misplaced the access card to the building, please notify the apartment Manager immediately.  The card will be deactivated and a spare one will be issued to you.   If you return the original card that was signed out to you within 5 days, the cost of replacing the card will be waived.  When the original card is found, it must be returned to 30 New London Avenue, Lot 19, which can be done by physically putting it in the drop box there or sending it through Campus Mail to Sue Moylan at 30 New London Avenue, Housing Operations Center.  If you do not return the original card signed out to you, you will keep the spare card and your UD student account will be charged $18.00.

    Emergency Core Change Procedure: For personal safety, when your key, access card,  and identification are lost together, an emergency core change must be initiated. Please contact the Apartment Manager or University Police. The charge for an emergency core change done after 4:30 pm Monday – Friday and on Weekends is $115.00.

    Following the emergency core change, the Apartment Manager will have you sign for the new key.  In the case where the key is given to the Department of Public Safety, residents may go to their office at 413 Academy Street to pick it up. A key will be given only to the resident who has signed the Graduate Student and Family Housing Agreement. Family members will not be able to pick up the key.

    Each student who lives in the apartment must present identification in order to receive the key. Public Safety staff will confirm the student’s address in the UD SIS address screen before giving the student the key.

    Strangers: Should you notice any individuals who do not look like they belong in the building or in our area, please contact Public Safety immediately.

  • Fire Safety Training

    To protect everyone in campus housing, all new residents are required to attend a Fire Extinguisher Safety Training session held at the General Services Building. Dates and times will be listed on the Safety Seminar Calendar. Please select a session to attend that is convenient for you and remember to sign in. Attendance is required within the first four months of residing in Graduate Student and Family Housing.


Troubleshooting Guide

  • Departments and Phone Numbers

    Department to Contact
    Phone Number
    Heating, air conditioning, plumbing, pests, or appliances Facilities 302-831-1141
    Cannot access U.S. Postal Services mailbox Facilities 302-831-1141
    Internet connection, cable TV IT Help Center 302-831-6000
    (8:00 AM–5:00 PM)
    Intercom Facilities 302-831-1141
    Lost key or access card Apartment Manager 302-837-1986 or 302-887-0519
    (Duty Phone)


Frequently Called Numbers

  • Emergency Calls/Housing Numbers

    Police/Ambulance/Fire 911
    University Police or Ambulance 302-831-2222
    Student Health Service 302-831-2226
    Christiana Hospital 302-733-1000
    Newark Police (Front Desk) 302-366-7111
    Conover/Graduate Housing Department Number 302-837-1986
    Housing Assignment Services 302-831-3676
    Housing Maintenance 302-831-1141
  • Travel

    Amtrak 1-800-872-7245
    Greyhound Bus Lines 1-800-231-2222
    Delaware Express Shuttle 302-454-7800
  • Administrative Numbers

    Bookstore 302-831-2637
    Dean of Students 302-831-8939
    Graduate Studies 302-831-8697
    Morris Library Information Desk 302-831-2965
    Parking Permits and Information 302-831-1184
    Payroll 302-831-8677
    President's Office 302-831-2111
    Provost's Office 302-831-2101
    Registrar 302-831-2131
    Student Conduct Office 302-831-2117
  • Miscellaneous Numbers

    Career Services Center 302-831-2392
    Carpenter Sports Center Information Desk 302-831-8600
    Counseling Center 302-831-2141
    Ice Arena 302-831-2868
    Trabant University Center Information Desk 302-831-0616
    Wellspring 302-831-3457
  • Organizations

    The Review 302-831-2771
    WVUD 302-831-2701
  • Student Services Building

    Student Financial Services 302-831-2126
    Dining Services 302-831-6761
    ID Card/Flex 302-831-2273
  • IT/Computing

    Modem (300-53,000 bps)
    ("56K", US Robotics x2 and ITU v.90)
    Modem (300-33,600 bps, ITU v.34) 302-831-0100
    Technology Solutions Center 302-831-8895
    055 Morris Library, Student Multimedia Design Center 302-831-8832
    116 Pearson Hall 302-831-1413
    002 Smith Hall 302-831-1152

  • Library Information

    Hours 302-831-BOOK
    Copy Services 302-831-8832
  • Tickets

    Athletics and University Events 302-831-4367
    Basketball/Football 302-831-4367
    Ice Arena 302-831-2788
    The Resident Ensemble Players/Professional Theater Training Program Productions 302-831-2204


Resource Information

  • Banking

    Citizens Bank
    123 East Main St.
    Commerce Bank
    230 Delaware Avenue
    Delaware National Bank
    281 East Main Street & Tyre Avenue
    PNC Bank
    201 Newark Shopping Center
    PNC Bank
    Trabant University Center
    622 South College Ave.
    Wilmington Savings Fund Society (WSFS)
    College Square, Routes 72 & 273
    Wilmington Trust Company
    82 East Main Street
  • Child Care

    Family and Workplace Connection
    (Referral Service)
    Office of Child Care Licensing 302-892-5800
    Department of Social Services 302-368-6774
    Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-292-9582

  • Driver's License & Registration

    Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles
    Airport and Churchmans Road, New Castle, DE 19720

  • Government

    City of Newark 302-366-7000
    New Alderman's Court 302-366-7028
    New Castle County 302-571-4011
    State of Delaware 302-577-2011
    Congressman Mike Castle 302-428-1902
    Senator Thomas Carper 302-573-6291
    Senator Ted Kaufman 302-573-6345

  • Grocery Stores

    Suburban Plaza, Elkton Road
    Peoples Plaza, Routes 896 & 40
    Newark Co-op Natural Foods Market
    East Main Street
    College Square, Routes 72 & 273
    Chestnut Hill Plaza
    New London Road

  • Housewares

    True Value
    Elkton Road
    College Square, Routes 72 & 273
    Sears Hardware
    College Square, Routes 72 & 273

  • Medical

    UD Health Center
    (Open 24 hrs. during the academic year)
    Newark Emergency Center
    324 East Main Street
    Christiana Hospital Information 302-733-1000
    Physician Referral: New Castle County Medical Society 302-658-3168
    Dental Referral: Delaware Dental Society 302-654-4335
  • Newspapers

    The Newark Post (Weekly) 302-737-0724
    The News Journal (Daily) 302-324-2500
  • Parking

    UD parking permits
    (Required to park in front of your building)

  • Parks

    White Clay Creek State Park
    Route 896 North, New London Road
    Lums Pond State Park
    Route 896 South, Glasgow
    Bellevue State Park
    Interstate 95, Wilmington

  • Places of Worship

    Baptist Calvary Baptist Church
    215 E. Delaware Ave.
    Catholic St. John’s
    E. Main and N. Chapel Streets
      Thomas Moore Oratory
    45 Lovett Ave.
    Episcopal St. Thomas Church
    276 S. College Ave.
    Islamic Islamic Society of Delaware
    28 Salem Church Rd
    Jewish Temple Beth El
    301 Possum Park Rd.
      Hillel Student Center
    47 W. Delaware Ave.
    Lutheran St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
    701 S. College Ave.
    Methodist Newark United Methodist
    69 E. Main St.
    Presbyterian First Presbyterian Church
    292 W. Main St.
    United Church of Christ New Ark United Church of Christ
    300 E. Main St.

  • Post Office

    Newark Post Office
    401 Ogletown Road
  • Public Bus Systems

    Public bus transportation in New Castle County
    Blue Diamond Lines
    Statewide public transportation
    Unicity Bus Information

  • Religious Student Organizations

    Baha'i 302-831-1809
    Baptist Student Ministry 302-369-8460
    Catholic Campus Ministry 302-368-4728
    Chabad House 302-455-1800
    Church and Campus Connection 302-738-9191
    Episcopal Campus Ministry 302-368-4644
    Gospel Choir 302-831-3758
    Hillel 302-453-0479
    Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship 302-368-5050
    Lutheran Student Center 302-368-3078
    Latter-Day Saints Student Association 302-831-2433
    Muslim Student Association 302-831-8517
    Presbyterian Campus Ministry 302-454-7801
    Warriors for Christ 302-831-3858
    United Methodist Campus Ministry 302-368-8802
    Word of Life Campus Ministry 302-453-1183

  • School District

    Christiana School District 302-552-2600
  • Tourist Information

    Greater Wilmington Visitor's Bureau
    1300 N. Market St
    UD Visitor's Center
    196 S. College Ave.
    Online Information

  • Victim's Resources

    UD Counseling Center 302-831-2141
    Office of Campus Life
    2nd floor Hullihen Hall
    Domestic Violence Hotline 302-762-6110
    Rape Crisis Center 302-575-1112
    Sexual Offense Support Hotline (24 hours) 302-831-2226
    Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-652-2929
    24 Hour Crisis Hotline 302-761-9100

  • Voting

    Delaware Department of Elections 302-577-3464

  • Professional Sports Teams

    Baseball Baltimore Orioles 410-685-9800
      Philadelphia Phillies 215-463-1000
    Basketball Philadelphia 76ers 215-339-7676
    Football Philadelphia Eagles 215-463-5500
      Baltimore Ravens 888-972-8367
    Hockey Philadelphia Flyers 215-755-9700
    Lacrosse Philadelphia Wings 215-336-3600