University of Delaware

Application Process

Apply Now!If you are a full-time, single graduate student or a full-time undergraduate or graduate student who wishes to live with your spouse, children, or other individuals who constitute your family, you are eligible to live in Graduate Student & Family Housing as long as you are registered and in good academic standing at the University of Delaware. To apply for housing, decide which option (The Conover Apartments or the Graduate House) best suits your needs. Then, complete and submit the HOUSING APPLICATION with a $200 deposit payable by either credit card or check. If you pay by check, please send the check as soon as possible. Make the check payable to the "University of Delaware" and mail to:

Graduate Student and Family Housing
5 Courtney Street
Newark, Delaware 19716 USA

If you do not currently reside in United States, please send any material by air mail.

Your online application is considered "received" on the date of your Web submission. After you have submitted your application, you will receive an acknowledgement from Housing Assignment Services within approximately 48 hours. Housing Assignment Services must receive your deposit within three weeks of the Web application date in order to process your request. Applying via the Web may increase your chance of receiving housing, since priority is based upon the date of application receipt.

If you are applying for family housing, legal documentation of family status is required, such as copies of marriage and/or birth certificates or Power of Attorney statements.

Students seeking single housing: In the "Housing Preference" section of the Application, select "Single Graduate Student Housing" choices. Most one-bedroom apartments are furnished, but a few unfurnished apartments are available. Please be sure to answer the questions in the "Roommate Characteristics" section.

Students seeking family housing: In the "Housing Preference" section of the Application, select one to four"Family Housing" choices. Be sure to include requested information for family members, and remember to submit any legal documentation required to the address listed above. If applying for family housing, you do NOT need to fill out the "Roommate Characteristics" section.

Assignment Process

Housing is not guaranteed. The chance that you will receive the option you request depends on the number of students requesting the same type of housing and the date we receive your application and housing deposit. Roommate assignment for graduate students will be based on the information provided on the Housing Application. We will try to honor but cannot guarantee your preferences. Only same gender residents will be assigned to a room or apartment unless it is designated as a family unit.

We will begin making assignments in June and continue through August 31. If your name is put on a waiting list, we will notify you by e-mail when your status changes. If a vacancy occurs, we will make an assignment from the waiting list according to the date the application and deposit were received and the availability of your housing preference.

When you are assigned to a specific apartment or room, you will receive a confirmation letter or email, along with a copy of the lease agreement specifying your housing assignment and monthly rental rate. You will also receive a list of general rules, regulations, and other conditions of occupancy that govern the specific area to which you are assigned.

Please refer to the Conditions of Occupancy in the Graduate Student and Family Housing Agreement for detailed lease information.

You must sign and return the lease by the deadline specified on the lease. If you do not submit the lease by the deadline, the offer will be voided and the deposit forfeited. The lease must be returned mail or email.

You must confirm your check-in date at least five working days prior to arrival. Specific instructions will be sent by letter or email. If you have any questions you may contact Housing Assignment Services at (302) 831-3676.

Deposit Policy

If you want to be removed from the waiting list, you must notify Housing Assignment Services by mail (5 Courtney Street, Newark, DE 19716), e-mail (, or fax (302 831-4266), to request that we cancel your application. We will refund $100 of your initial deposit if we receive your cancellation before we assign you to an apartment or room. If you are given an assignment and cancel, you will forfeit your deposit. If you are no longer eligible for Graduate Student & Family Housing, your housing deposit is refundable only if you notify our office prior to signing your lease. If we do not assign you to University housing by August 31, your entire deposit is refundable. Please notify us by September 30 if you wish to remain on a waiting list or receive a refund. Please include your current address in all correspondence.