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Make UD Your Home

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Meet other students, form connections, and succeed academically. Your residence hall will be more than just a place to sleep or store your belongings. You will have ample opportunities to attend community events, interact with a diverse body of residents and Residence Life staff members, and take on leadership roles.

The UD residence halls are home to a mix of freshman, transfer, and upper-division students.

Filling out your Housing Application?

Check out our How to Apply: Quick Guide to learn more about how it works.


Your First Year:

Freshmen are assigned to single and double rooms, as well as suites for two and four students. Our residence halls are co-ed by floor, wing, or alternating room/suite. We also offer a mixed-class all-female building in Warner Hall.

Most freshmen typically live in traditional buildings on East or West Campus. Whether residents live in a double room, single room, or suite, each student will have a single bed, a wardrobe or closet, a dresser with drawer space, and a desk and chair.

Housing Agreement and Policies

On-campus housing for returning students is guaranteed all four years if we receive your application by the posted deadline! Click here for application information.

The Housing Agreement becomes binding on June 1 (December 20 for Spring Admits). You must cancel your agreement by May 31. All students with active applications as of June 1 are responsible for housing and dining charges for the full academic year.

HousingSingle freshmen under 21 are required to live in University housing, or at home with a parent or legal guardian if the residence is within a 30 mile commuting distance. Deadline for incoming freshmen to submit the Housing Application and information is June 1 (January 15 for Spring Admits).

UD provides ubiquitous wireless coverage in the residence halls. In addition, all students who live on campus will be provided with an Ethernet connection for direct access to the UD Network and the Internet.

Application Timeline

May 1 Deadline for incoming freshmen to submit Housing deposit.
May 7 - May 31 Roommate selection available on the Housing Application on My Blue Hen Home
May 31 Deadline for Special Needs Housing, Break Housing, Substance-Free Housing, and All-Female Housing
June 1 Deadline for incoming freshmen to submit Housing Application.
(January 15 for Spring Admits).
Housing Agreement becomes binding. (December 20 for Spring Admits)
1st week of August Housing Assignments will be available on UDSIS. You will receive an email with a link to your assignment information.
January 24 Spring Semester Housing Assignments will be available on UDSIS. You will receive an email with a link to your assignment information.


How to Apply: Quick Guide

  1. Review the New Student Housing Sign-Up Guide
  2. welcomeLog onto My Blue Hen Home and complete the New Student Housing Application by June 1 (January 15 for Spring Admits).
    • Housing Preferences Form - The Housing Preferences Form will ask you to select a Hall Type (coed by alternating room or coed by floor) and (single, double, or suite). Please see our Virtual Tour to see more about room types and amenities.
    • Requesting a Roommate - If you opt to request a roommate, it is important that you both request each other on the Housing Application. Although we can accomodate most roommate requests, we cannot guarantee roommate requests. If the request is mutual, it is very likely that you will be assigned to your chosen roommate. The Roommate Request Period lasts from May 7 to May 31 -- you will need to log back into the Housing Application to select a roommate.
    • Roommate Preferences Questionnaire - We will use this information to match you with a roommate with similar living habits. Even if you request a roommate, it is important that you complete this questionnaire in the event that we cannot accommodate your request. Your roommate match is likely to be successful if you complete the questionnaire honestly -- please do not allow your parents or anyone else to complete the form.
    • Select Your Meal Plan - Dining Services provides variety, value and versatility. The meal plans, menus, locations and hours are designed with student schedules in mind.
  3. Complete any supplemental information forms or note your Theme Housing choice on the Housing Application by June 1 (e.g. Sustance-Free Housing, All-Female Housing, etc.).
    • Special Needs Housing Request Form (submit to the Office of Disability Support Services)


Housing Assignments

New students are given random lottery numbers and are assigned based on their housing and roommate preferences. Room assignments are not determined on a first-come, first-served basis, and are made without regard to race, creed, color, or sexual orientation.

During the first week of classes, students may request to move to other buildings if vacancies are available. More information about room changes is available here.

Upper Division students receive priority for the number of Fall and Spring Semesters they have lived on campus, so the longer you live on campus, the more likely it will be that you will receive your desired housing assignment!

Extended Housing

When the demand for housing exceeds the supply of available rooms and apartments, new students are assigned to an expanded-capacity room for the fall semester. Expanded-capacity rooms are double rooms furnished for three students. Students in these situations are assigned to permanent spaces as cancellations occur and receive priority for spaces that open up in their buildings. For details, visit the extended housing web page. To view resources for extended housing students, visit the extended housing resources page.

More information about extended housing for 2013-2014 will be provided during New Student Orientation.

Moving to Campus

Have questions about what to pack, where to park, and what to expect? Check our website on July 1 to access the Move-In Guide. We'll have it up all summer so you can prepare for your arrival to campus!