Check-in from home prior to your arrival on campus

Check-in form is available starting August 15th

Housing Assignment Services is proud to introduce Electronic Check-In for Residence Halls. Electronic Check-In aims to expedite the check-in process, thereby increasing the ease and efficiency of Move-In Day for students as well as cutting down on paperwork between semesters. All students must provide a signature, either electronic or paper, for all semesters living on campus, including those here for Winter Session. Students living in the Christiana Towers or those here for Winter Session do not return keys between sessions, but are still required to "sign" the roster. Electronic check-in makes it easy!

Similar to an early airline check-in, students will receive an email with a link to the Electronic Check-In webpage during the week before your Move-In Day. By filling out the form and agreeing to the Student Housing Agreement prior to Move-In Day, the student will reduce check-in time upon arriving to campus. The form serves as an electronic signature; No roster signatures will be required at the check-in table, and students will be able to simply pick up their keys and continue to their rooms to unpack, settle in, and meet new friends. Please note that a Student ID card MUST be presented in order to receive the room key. Therefore, students should keep their ID cards accessible when packing their belongings and arriving to campus.

In addition to agreeing to the housing terms and conditions, the Electronic Check-In form will ask for an expected arrival time. While students are not strictly bound to their expected arrival time, they are strongly encouraged to arrive within the two-hour increment they chose. This will allow University of Delaware staff to prepare for busy check-in periods as effectively and efficiently as possible. For information about checking in at an earlier date, please click here. If for whatever reason you anticipate a late arrival, please contact Housing Assignment Services by emailing or calling (302) 831-3676.

To access the Electronic Check-In form now, click the image below.