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Choosing A Dining Plan

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  • Dining at the University of Delaware

    Dining Services provides a variety of dining plan options and food choices. All-you-care-to-eat meals are served in four dining halls across campus, and Points can be used at food courts, snack bars, convenience stores, and concession stands.

    Dining Hall hours are designed to fit your busy schedule. Schedules vary at each location, from early morning until late in the evening. For even greater flexibility, Kent Dining Hall is open continuously from breakfast through dinner. At Russell Dining Hall's "Beach Express," you can just stop in at lunch or dinner and select a meal to go. Dining halls offer tremendous variety and a great social atmosphere, and will become an integral part of your experience here at the University of Delaware.

    Dining Plan Options

    Dining Services presently offers a multitude of different dining plans, which have been tailored to fit the varying needs of the student body. Each plan has a designated number of Meals and Points, and each of the required options comes with five Guest Passes per semester. Take time to pick the plan that best suits your academic schedule and eating style. A list of dining plans is available on the Dining Services website.

    Kent Dining HallAbout Your Dining Plan

    Here are some important things to keep in mind regarding your dining plan:

    • A dining plan is mandatory for all students living on campus, with the exception of those in the Christiana Towers Apartments. Towers residents and off-campus students are able to purchase a dining plan, but are not obligated to do so.
    • Your dining plan is valid during the academic time frame of each semester/session. Dining halls are closed during University breaks. If you live in a residence hall or Christiana Towers Apartment, the plan you select for fall will automatically be assigned to you for the spring semester, unless you request a change.
    • You will be billed for each semester/session and are obligated for the cost of the required plan for the entire academic year, unless you are released from the Student Housing Agreement.
    • Unused Points will carry over from summer to fall to winter to spring. All unused Points are forfeited at the end of the spring semester and have no refundable value.
    • Additional Points for any plan may be purchased through a cash deposit at the Value Transfer Stations located in the Trabant University Center, Perkins Student Center, the Student Multipmedia Design Center in Morris Library and Christiana Commons, or at least $25 (check or cash) at the Cashier's Office, and the outside drop slot at the Student Services Building.

    Your University ID Card

    DiningDining Meals and Points are accessed using your University ID card. Your ID card is not transferable. It can only be used by you! 

    Report a lost card immediately to prevent unauthorized use by calling UD1-CARD (831-2273), 24 hours per day. Replacement cards are issued at the ID Card Office in the Student Services Building. You will not be held accountable for Meals/Points transactions once you have reported your card lost or stolen. 

    FLEX greatly complements your dining plan by offering cashless spending power at all dining facilities and almost any campus location that accepts cash. For details, call UD1-CARD, stop by the Student Services Building, or click here

    Remember, a FLEX account complements, but is separate from, your dining plan.

    Changing Your Dining Plan

    You will be able to choose your dining plan using the online change form. After your initial choice, you have one final opportunity to change your dining plan from the day that classes begin until the drop/add deadline. The deadline to change your dining plan corresponds with the drop/add deadline for classes each sememster.

    Canceling Your Dining Plan

    Requests for canceling your dining plan may be submitted in writing by mail or e-mail to or in person at the Student Services Building. However, you must meet one of the following conditions:

    • Release from your Student Housing Agreement
    • You live in a Christiana Towers Apartment or off-campus and make your request by the academic drop/add deadline
    • Medical reasons documented by Student Health Services and the registered dietitian for Dining Services

    If your Dining Services Agreement cancellation request is approved, your student account will be credited based on a proration of unused dining plan Meals for the remaining days in the term (less 14 days), plus the value of any unused Points. Any credit balance in your student account may be transferred to a FLEX account.