In the News...

The Hagley Program is very happy to welcome three new fellows. Jennifer Jensen (Ph.D.) will focus on domestic technology, gender, and identity in the postwar United States. She is also pursuing a certificate in Museum Studies. Anastasia Day (M.A.) will be studying environmentalism, consumer culture, and intellectual history. Gretchen Pruett (M.A.) will be immersed in labor history and industrialization, consumer culture, and landscape. 

The fellows held a successful conference on Saturday April 20, titled, “Ways of Knowing the World: History and the Senses.” More information can be found here.

For more than fifty years the Hagley Graduate Program in the University of Delaware’s History Department has been training M.A.- and Ph.D.-level students in the history of industrialization, capitalism, technology, consumption, business, labor, and the environment. The program offers students an enriched graduate education including a range of resources and opportunities not normally available in the university setting. A large number of our students develop an expertise in the study of material culture, and many earn certificates in Museum Studies. Our alumni include more than 150 distinguished historians, museum professionals, archivists, and others.