Unrecognized Chapters

Only the chapters featured on this website are recognized by the University of Delaware and have full privileges on campus.

Chapters that are not feature on this website are not recognized by the University of Delaware. The University of Delaware does not advise nor control the actions of these groups. These non-recognized chapters may have a high number of hazing incidents throughout the initiation process. Many times the National Organizations of these non-recognized groups choose not to acknowledge the University's concerns or to take action against their former chapters.

In contrast to non-recognized groups, students who choose to become members of Greek-letter organizations will find many benefits from joining a recognized Fraternity or Sorority rather than one of these non-recognized groups, including but not limited to:

  • A safe initiation process
  • Potential monetary awards to Fraternities and Sororities through the Chapter Assessment Program (CAP)
  • Access to University buildings for meeting/event space
  • Ability to receive Greek housing on and off campus
  • Membership into a Greek community of over 2,500 students and over 40 chapters
  • National/International membership access to alumni networks
  • Promotion and community support of campus activities and philanthropic events through the Interfraternity Council (IFC), Panhellenic Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), the Greek Council, and the Latino and Multi-Ethnic Creek Council (LMGC)
  • Positive leadership opportunities
  • Formal career training and diversity training
  • Structured community service and philanthropy projects

Recognized Fraternities and Sororities may not conduct any activities or events with unrecognized chapters. This includes but is not limited to social events, service events, philanthropy events, and meetings. This is to protect the recognition of our chapters and help all organizations uphold the policies of the University of Delaware.