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Pi Alpha Phi (Π Α Φ)


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Delta Sigma Theta (Δ Σ Θ)
Lambda Pi Chi (Λ Π Χ)
Lambda Theta Alpha (Λ Θ Α)
Sigma Gamma Rho (Σ Γ Ρ)
Zeta Phi Beta (Ζ Φ Β)

There is a NEW FRATERNITY coming to the University of Delaware in Fall 2013!

Pi Alpha Phi was founded in 1929 at the University of California, Berkeley and is the oldest Asian-Interest fraternity in the country.

As a new chapter at the University of Delaware, new members have the opportunity to build the chapter's foundation for generations to come. You will have a very unique experience and one that will allow you to leave your legacy on campus.

The purpose of Pi Alpha Phi is to perpetuate brotherhood, academic excellence, Asian American awareness, leadership and philanthropy. If these are the values you believe in or seek, we give you Pi Alpha Phi Fraternity.

Although exploring and learning about Asian and Asian American issues and culture is a core experience of our Fraternity, our membership is not limited to those of Asian descent. We encourage men of all races and walks of life to participate in our Brotherhood.

Pi Alpha Phi is much more than a mere social organization, more than a way to meet people or a place to live. Pi Alpha Phi men are committed to our Pillars and the traditions that our Founding Fathers established in 1929. Pi Alpha Phi provides many fantastic opportunities to grow and prepare our members for personal and career development. The experience that one gains as a member of Pi Alpha Phi does not end at graduation. You will reap the benefits throughout the rest of your life.