Interfraternity Council

The IFC council, located in 218 Trabant, governs the University of Delaware's North American Interfraternity Conference fraternities. As such, it establishes guidelines for managing the issues and activities that face the chapters. The Council is responsible for all phases of recruitment, including Rush.

IFC Fraternities

Alpha Gamma Rho (Α Γ Ρ)
Alpha Sigma Phi (Α Σ Φ)
Delta Kappa Epsilon (Δ Κ Ε)
Delta Tau Delta (Δ Τ Δ)
Kappa Alpha (Κ Α)
Kappa Delta Rho (Κ Δ Ρ)
Kappa Sigma (Κ Σ)
Lambda Chi Alpha (Λ Χ Α)
Phi Kappa Psi (Φ Κ Ψ)
Pi Kappa Phi (Π Κ Φ)
Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Σ Α Ε)
Sigma Pi (Σ Π)
Sigma Phi Delta (Σ Φ Δ)
Sigma Phi Epsilon (Σ Φ Ε)
Sigma Nu (Σ Ν)
Theta Chi (Θ Χ)
Zeta Beta Tau (Ζ Β Τ)

IFC Website