Fraternity & Sorority Life Highlights
Spring 2012


  • 43 Fraternities and Sororities on campus
  • 24 Fraternities
  • 19 Sororities
  • 3,287 total members in the community
    (Based on full time undergraduate status) (~20% of UD Population)

Grade Point Average

All Fraternity and Sorority Average 3.188
All Undergraduate Average 3.088
All Fraternity Average 3.094
All Men’s Average 2.960
All Unaffiliated Men’s Average 2.929
All Sorority Average 3.247
All Women’s Average 3.185
All Unaffiliated Women’s Average 3.167
IFC Membership Average 3.032
*Both Fraternities and Sororities are ABOVE the all men's/women's average. This has been the case for the last 24 semesters.

There was a 92% New Member Retention Rate for chapters.

Philanthropy Highlights, Spring 2012
Chapters raised and donated funds to over 50 organizations and causes

IFC Donations approx. $76,000 (16 Organizations/Average Size of 65)
MGC Donations approx. $891 (11 Organizations/Average Size of 5)
Panhellenic Donations approx. $267,500 (10 Organizations/Average Size of 187)
Special Interest Greek Donations approx. $5,940 (6 Organizations/Average Size of 55)
Total Giving for Spring 2012 approx. $350,331 ($107.00 per member)

Chapters who donated, on average, $25 or more per member (32/43)
Alpha Delta PiKappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.
Alpha Epsilon PhiKappa Alpha Theta
Alpha Epsilon PiKappa Delta Rho
Alpha Gamma RhoKappa Sigma
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Lambda Chi Alpha
Alpha Omega EpsilonLambda Sigma Upsilon
Alpha PhiLambda Theta Alpha
Alpha Sigma AlphaLambda Theta Phi
Alpha Xi DeltaPhi Sigma Kappa
Alpha ZetaSigma Alpha Epsilon
Chi Omega Sigma Kappa
Chi Upsilon SigmaSigma Nu
Delta GammaSigma Phi Delta
Delta Tau Delta Sigma Phi Epsilon
FIJI Sigma Pi
Gamma Phi BetaTheta Chi

Community Service Highlights, Spring 2012
Chapters supported over 75 different organizations and causes with service

IFC Volunteer Hours approx. 7,314 hours 7.1 hours per member
MGC Volunteer Hours approx. 292 hours 5.7 hours per member
Panhellenic Volunteer Hours approx. 15,348 hours 8.2 hours per member
Special Interest Greek Volunteer Hours approx. 2,112 hours 6.3 hours per member
Total Hours for Spring 2012 approx. 25,066 hours 7.6 hours per member


Chapters who volunteer, on average, 6 or more hours per member (33/43)
Alpha Delta Pi Kappa Sigma
Alpha Epsilon Phi Lambda Chi Alpha
Alpha Gamma Rho Lambda Sigma Upsilon
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Lambda Theta Alpha
Alpha Omega EpsilonLambda Theta Phi
Alpha PhiPhi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.
Alpha Sigma AlphaPhi Sigma Kappa
Alpha Xi DeltaPhi Sigma Pi
Alpha ZetaPi Kappa Phi
Chi OmegaSigma Alpha
Chi Upsilon Sigma Sigma Alpha Iota
Delta Gamma Sigma Nu
Delta Tau Delta Sigma Phi Delta
FIJI Sigma Phi Epsilon
Gamma Phi BetaTheta Chi
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.Zeta Phi Beta
Kappa Delta Rho