Chapter Assessment Program

The Chapter Assessment Program (CAP) was developed as a way to assess Fraternity and Sorority chapters at the University of Delaware in four areas: Academic Achievement (35%), Chapter Management (15%), Membership Development (25%), and Community Involvement (25%). Each chapter is scored in these areas through predetermined rubric system provided by the University Student Centers.

The results of the evaluation will be used to designate a chapter as Gold, Silver, Bronze, Satisfactory, or Needs Improvement based off score. This information will be published and may be used with national and local alumni as well as prospective members.

The Program has a variety of incentives. The highest-scoring Gold chapter of each council receives an award of $400.00. The second highest-scoring chapter is designated as Silver Cup Winners and receives scholarship awards of $200 each. Other incentives include social incentives, recognitions, and preferential seating at Greek events.

If a chapter receives a disciplinary sanction from the University of Delaware Student Conduct process they will be dropped to the lowest score of the level below their actual CAP score. Chapters that score in the "Needs Improvement" category will have a variety of restrictions. These include but are not limited to social restrictions and participation restrictions. If a chapter consistently scores in the "Needs Improvement" category, they may be suspended for a minimum of one year from the University.