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The goal of the Xi Lambda Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity is to cultivate excellence in all areas of life. While the Chapter believes in accomplishing this goal through social and brotherhood events, it is the pledge program that truly drives the Chapter's agenda. Xi Lambda's pledge program is designed to instill potential brothers with a sense of the bond that exists between initiated Kappa Sigmas and to teach time management, social skills, and study skills that will prove useful in college and throughout life. Hazing runs contrary to these goals and is strictly forbidden.

Kappa Sigma is one of the oldest Greek letter organizations in the world and traces its history to Manuel Chrysoloras, a Greek scholar and university teacher who established the order in 1400 at the University of Bologna, Italy. The group's initial purpose was the protection of its members against physical attack and robbery by Baldassare Cossa, Bologna's unscrupulous governor. Today's Kappa Sigma still adheres to the ideals of the ancient order.

Kappa Sigma Fraternity is the largest fraternity in the US and Canada and has over 15,000 undergraduates enrolled in more than 300 chapters and colonies. Celebrity alumni include Jimmy Buffet, Bob Dole, Ted Turner, Jerry Jones, Sam Donaldson, and Robert Redford. These and other distinguished alumni support the Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund, a nonprofit group that awards scholarships to deserving undergraduate brothers. It is the largest fund of its kind among fraternities and awards more than $300,000 annually.

Since its chartering on March 22, 1997, Kappa Sigma has become one of the largest and most successful fraternities at the University of Delaware. The Chapter house accommodates twenty- seven brothers annually and is the largest on campus. The brotherhood includes varsity athletes, engineers, student government (DUSC) and representative student organization (RSO) leaders, TAs, and musicians. Kappa Sigma consistently attains the highest Gold CAP score. The Chapter is also active in the Newark Community and has contacts in the State government.

The benefits of Kappa Sigma are social as well as personal. Brothers participate in social events such as date parties, crush parties, house parties, homecoming, Greek Week, and mixers with sororities. The Chapter also holds a formal dance every spring at an out-of-state location. Recent formals have been held in Wildwood, New Jersey, and Ocean City, Maryland. Other events include campouts, parents' weekend barbecues, paintball games, spring breaks, and road trips to visit other chapters.

Kappa Sigma also sponsors a variety of philanthropy and community service events like the Jeffrey Allan Goldstein roller hockey tournament and the "Success Won't Wait" book drive. The JAG tournament was established in 1998 in memory of a brother who passed away in a tragic jet-skiing accident and raises over $1,200 yearly for a scholarship fund established by Jeff's parents. The "Success Won't Wait" book drive saw Kappa Sigma partner with the program's namesake, a successful literacy education program, and raise over $16,000 in books to be donated to new libraries throughout the State of Delaware and sent overseas to American soldiers. Xi Lambda also sponsors an annual 5k every spring to raise money for an adult action center here in Newark. It is a place where parents can take their adult children with multiple severe disabilities to receive care while the parents are at work. In the spring of 2008 we raised over 10,500 dollars.

The excellence of Kappa Sigma has led its brothers to the consensus that becoming a member of the fraternity was the best decision they ever made. They agree that the pledge process was life changing and that the brotherhood and social events enhance the college experience by adding exclusive and almost limitless possibilities to the existing opportunities at the University of Delaware. Rush Kappa Sigma now and take the first step towards the best experiences of your life.

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