Delaware Governor's School

Delaware Governor's School for Excellence
Questions & Answers

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Q. Who is eligible to apply for Governor's School?
A. Students who are residents of the state of Delaware in their sophomore year and attend a high school in the state of Delaware are eligible to apply.
Q. Can a student be nominated for more than one category?
A. No, a student from a public school can only be nominated for one category. Please keep in mind that the student nominated by his/her school for the academic portion of the program is automatically accepted (within that school's designated number of participant slots).
Q. Are there other opportunities for high school students at the University of Delaware?
  • Summer College offers a valuable opportunity for academically talented high school sophomores and juniors to take college classes in a one-month concentrated semester, while living on campus.
  • Taking college courses while in high school—Qualified high school students can enroll in University of Delaware on-campus or distance learning courses