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The Institute for Global Studies considers all full-time, matriculated, University of Delaware undergraduate applicants for University of Delaware study abroad programs (not exchange programs) for need-based scholarship awards. To be eligible, students must submit a complete application to a study abroad program and have a faculty member submit an online recommendation on their behalf by the scholarship deadline. Deadlines for program applications may be extended, but deadlines for scholarships will NOT be extended. University of Delaware students studying on programs sponsored by other universities or companies are not eligible for these scholarships.

Scholarships are competitive and application does not guarantee an award. All students are considered for awards and all scholarship awards are announced at the time of acceptance to a program.


Need-based awards are given to students who demonstrate very high levels of both financial need and academic performance. Need levels are determined by the Office of Student Financial Services, and merit is based on a weighted GPA (depending on the number of semesters completed at UD). Recipients usually have a combination of both high need and strong GPA (3.00 or above in most cases). Awards are 50% to 75% of the Program Fee and can only be used towards final balance of the Program Fee.

Please note: All IGS Scholarship award decisions are final and subject to a student conduct review.


The Delaware Diplomats is a campus engagement opportunity open to freshmen, sophomores and juniors with an interest in international exploration, global cultures, and education abroad. By participating in on-campus events with a global focus, students can earn scholarship funds applicable towards UD study abroad programs. The Delaware Diplomats is a competitive program and requires a separate application (this scholarship opportunity is separate from the one listed above). The application is available online.


All scholarship recipients are required to submit two photos depicting what they have learned about the local culture at their study abroad location during their program, and to complete a survey for our benefactors at the end of their programs. In addition, recipients of scholarship awards are encouraged to send IGS weekly, brief written submissions about their study abroad program for posting on the IGS Global Blog.


If you receive a Study Abroad Scholarship or Delaware Diplomat Scholarship and are dismissed from your program due to improper conduct, or if you withdraw from the program and program funds have been expended on your behalf, you will be required to repay your scholarship award in full.





  1. How much Financial Need do I have to have? – To be considered for a need-based study abroad scholarship, you must have at least “some” financial need as determined by the Office of Student Financial Services. You must have a FAFSA on file.  Students ranked by SFS as “high” or “very high” need are more likely to receive funding than those receiving a lower need score.

  2. Can a scholarship award go towards tuition, books, registration fees, airfare, or personal expenses? – No, IGS scholarship awards only go towards the program fee.

  3. Can students win multiple IGS Study Abroad Scholarships? – Due to limited funding, students may only be awarded one IGS Study Abroad Scholarship. However, students who earn funding through Delaware Diplomats activities will be considered for additional need-based scholarships.

  4. Can students who studied abroad once already receive funding for a second program?  Funds earned through Delaware Diplomat activities may be applied to a second study abroad program.  However, need-based awards are given only to students who have not participated in a prior UD program abroad.



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