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Photo Contest

The UD Institute for Global Studies (IGS) invites students to participate in the 2014 study abroad photo contest: Blue Hens Around the World. Winners will not only receive cash prizes but their photographs may be used on the IGS website or in other high-profile UD publications.

Rules: You must be a current student and have participated in a University of Delaware study abroad or domestic travel study program in Winter 2014.
  We require all photos be sent electronically, at the highest possible resolution (1MB per image minimum), saved as .jpg files. They may be in black & white or color. All work will be judged on the basis of photographic quality and subject material.
  Baby Blue must be part of the photo.
  You may submit no more than two photographs. Each photo should be sent in a separate email to with the words PHOTO CONTEST in the subject line. Include the following information in the email. Entries that do not include all of the following will not be considered.
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • 14W program
  • Title of photograph
  • Please include a brief comment about your photograph. What is significant about this photograph? How does it relate to the theme? What does it reveal about the location and/or its inhabitants? How does it reflect on the importance of your experience there?
  Photographs may be used in promotional materials or on the website of the University of Delaware, and may not credit the photographer. If you do not wish your photograph to be used in this way, we suggest that you do not submit an entry.

Blue Hens Around

the World

  • Photographs may include people from the host country and/or UD students.
  • Photographs may otherwise illustrate the uniqueness of the host culture.
  • All photographs must incorporate the UD mascot doll provided by IGS.
Deadline: Entries must be received by February 14, 2014.
  • First prize $100
  • Second prize: $75
  • Third prize: $50
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