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Delaware Diplomats


Participate in global events on campus.
Connect with other UD students.
Earn scholarships for study abroad.


The purpose of the DelawareDiplomats is to give students the opportunity to engage in cultural and international events on campus. The Delaware Diplomats are UD students with an interest in international exploration, global cultures, and education abroad. By participating in on-campus events with a global focus, students can earn scholarship funds for UD study abroad programs.


Why join the Delaware Diplomats?


The University of Delaware values global citizenship, which requires a sustained effort to connection students with a global community, both on and off campus. By joining the Delaware Diplomats, you will connect with the global community, develop your cross-cultural competency, gain insights that are helpful in the global job market, make new friends that are also committed to global citizenship and learn more about current global issues and events.
And most importantly, Delaware Diplomats earn scholarship money for UD study abroad! Students can earn from $300 to $1,500 to be applied to UD study abroad or UD internship abroad programs.


Want to become a Delaware Diplomat? The applications will open back up in June for the 2016-17 academic year.  


Who should apply? The program is open to all freshmen, sophomores and juniors! Anyone who is interested in engaging with the global community is welcome to apply. However, please note that students cannot use their scholarship until the year after they participate in the Diplomats. For 2016-17 participants, the scholarship would not be available until Winter Session 2018.



View the 2015-16 Requirements for Delaware Diplomats Scholarship.


Please email us at if you have further questions about the Delaware Diplomats Program.



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