Agreement of Responsibility for Assistants
Study Abroad and Domestic Study Travel Programs

Congratulations on being chosen as an assistant for a University of Delaware study abroad or domestic study travel program!  This contract serves to inform you of the Institute for Global Studies’ expectations for program assistants.  If you are unable to fulfill these expectations, please inform your program director immediately so that a new assistant can be chosen.  If you have any concerns or questions about your responsibilities as an assistant as listed below, please contact the Institute for Global Studies (IGS) at 831-2852 or (26 E. Main Street, Elliott Hall).


I, _______________________________________________________, agree to serve as an 
(print first and last name here)

assistant on the ___________________________________________________ program in
                                                            (name of program)

winter/summer (circle one), ______________________, and I acknowledge the following
regarding this responsibility:

A.        Pre-departure expectations:

1.         My primary responsibility is to my group.  I am not permitted to be enrolled in any courses or to conduct research during the term of the program. 

2.         I will attend all of the group’s pre-departure meetings, as well as any meetings held for assistants by the Institute for Global Studies.

3.         I will familiarize myself with the group’s flight and in-country itinerary and with all pertinent pre-departure information in the student section and in the faculty section of the IGS Web site.

4.         I will accompany the group on flights to and from the program site.

B.        On-Site Expectations:

1.         As an assistant I will pro-actively assist students in the group as needed, for example by:

2.         As an assistant I will pro-actively assist the faculty director(s) as needed, for example by:

3.         If at all possible I will live with, or in close proximity to, the students in the group, and in accommodations similar to those of the students.

C.        Other

1.         I will assist with any other course-related or program-related activities identified by my faculty director(s).

2.         In the case of a serious problem I will contact the Institute for Global Studies if the faculty director is not sufficiently responsive.

3.         Compensation:  As a program assistant I understand that I receive no salary.  The IGS covers most of my expenses which may include airfare, housing, excursion, local ground transportation, and/or some meals, depending on the program.  (Assistant should check with their faculty director(s) for details.)

            If for some reason I must withdraw from my assistantship, I understand that I am responsible for all funds already spent on my behalf (including airfare, excursions, housing, etc.).  I will reimburse IGS for these expenditures. 

4.         Conduct:  As a program assistant I understand that I fill a role that lies between peer and instructor.  Therefore, while I may socialize with students on my program, my conduct must always be beyond reproach.  As I interact with students on my program, it is important that I avoid social situations involving activities that may violate the University of Delaware Student Code of Conduct (for example abuse of alcohol and sexual harassment), or activities perceived as high-risk which are discouraged by IGS (for example bungee jumping and skydiving).


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