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2014 MEPI Staff

Dr. Tracey Quigley Holden
Academic Director of the MEPI Program

Dr. Tracey Quigley Holden joined the Department of Communication at the University of Delaware in 2010 as an Assistant Professor and Director of the Basic Course. She is also affiliated faculty with the Center for Political Communication and interim Director of the Oral Communication Fellows, the campus peer tutoring service. Dr. Holden earned her PhD in rhetoric and public address from Pennsylvania State University, an M.A. from San Diego State University and a B.A. from Texas A&M University. Her primary teaching focus is public speaking, political communication, and strategic business communication, especially in multicultural settings. Her pedagogical experience includes teaching intercultural communication to U.S. military officers of all branches, social movement dissent in San Diego, media and culture in Indiana, and summer programs in politics and debate at Stanford and Princeton - and of course, MEPI! Her area of broad scholarly interest is organizational and political communication, especially rhetorical studies of institutions and leaders within organizations. Other interests include social movements, civic engagement, leadership, and strategic business communication.

In 2011 Dr. Holden was academic director of the MEPI program for alumni focusing on public persuasion and public speaking, affectionately called MEPI-Comm. Dr. Holden taught in the 2012 and 2013 MEPI- SLP programs at UD and attended the MEPI alumni conference in Morocco in February 2014. For the MEPI-SLP at UD this summer, Dr. Holden will serve as Academic Director and has put together a wide ranging, challenging program of study focused on developing critical communication and leadership skills for the MEPI students participating. Dr. Holden is a native Californian but has lived in more than a dozen states and on the island of Guam. She is very fond of chocolate and ice cream, is married to a lawyer from Michigan and has a young daughter who is also a native Californian. She also has two dogs and may be acquiring a guinea pig this summer.


Rachel Garcia
Administrative Coordinator

Rachel Garcia is a PhD student at the University of Delaware, studying Political Science and International Relations. Eventually, Rachel hopes to teach Political Science and International Relations at the University level. Her research focuses are poverty and inequality alleviation in Latin America. Rachel also attended University of Delaware for her bachelor's and master's degrees. Rachel was born in Maryland, but now lives in Delaware, but hopes to one day live somewhere that is warm year round.

Aside from Rachel's studies, she enjoys anything involving fitness, sports and being outdoors. Her favorite sports are soccer and baseball, though football and basketball follow closely behind. Typically in the summer, Rachel can be found at the beach, her favorite place to be when it is warm. Her summer also usually includes a trip to Puerto Rico to visit her family and of course, spend as much time on the beaches as possible. She also enjoys reading during her free-time, especially books about anything political. She is also an avid lover of film, especially Spanish & Latin American films and political documentaries. When she isn't reading, working out, watching movies or at the beach, typically she can be found out with friends or spending time with her family.


Jonathan Keyser

Dr. Dan Bottomley
Associate Director for Global

Contracts &Grants

Dan Bottomley is the Associate Director for Global Contracts and Grants at UD’s Institute for Global Studies. This is his first year working with the MEPI Student Leaders Program students, faculty, and staff and he is really excited to have the opportunity to meet all of the new MEPIs who will be coming to UD this summer. 

A native of Rockford, Illinois, Dan spent his childhood and undergraduate life in the Midwest, but moved to Delaware to pursue his graduate studies and get away from the frigid winters of Illinois (wind chill is the worst!)  Dan’s background is in political science with a focus on Southeast Asian politics, and he spent parts of last summer and fall conducting research in Indonesia on the relationship between Islam and Indonesian nationalism. 

When not working, Dan enjoys spending time with his wife Caitlin (they will be celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary at the very beginning of the program this year), taking his dogs Simon and Louie for walks, and relaxing at his house in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.  Dan is also an enthusiastic traveler who likes to meet new people and experience foreign cultures throughout the world.  In fact, he has set a personal goal of getting at least one new stamp on his passport every year and can’t wait to have the opportunity to visit your home country sometime soon!


Rachel Garcia
Tarika Holdbrook
Graduate Peer Mentor

Hi! My name is Tarika Holdbrook and I am a Master’s candidate in the Urban Affairs and Public Policy program here at the University of Delaware. I am a long time resident of New Jersey and currently reside in Woolwich Township, New Jersey with my husband and our little dog “Tony”.

I received both my Bachelor of Arts and Master of Public Administration from Rutgers University, Camden. I have worked as a program advisor and coordinator for different New Jersey civic associations and most recently served as a Community Development Specialist. My academic research lies in the intersection of community development and economic development in urban regional planning.

For my love of community development and culture I have studied in India, South Africa and Ireland. Independent of my academic studies I love to travel. I am an active member and leader in my church and a committee member for the township in which I live. My hobbies include soccer, reading, and most physical activities.


James Magee
Joel Palmer
Graduate Peer Mentor

Joel Palmer is a first-year masters student in The University of Delaware’s English department where he studies 19thCentury American Literature. Joel grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia and has also lived in Olympia and Seattle, Washington. After graduating with a degree in philosophy from The University of Georgia, he worked as a pastry truck driver, afterschool teacher, and coffee shop manager before returning to school last year.

When school’s not in session, Joel enjoys travelling to new places, biking, and making new friends. He also enjoys watching bad movies and rooting for his hometown teams (Atlanta Hawks and Falcons). This summer, Joel is looking forward to exploring the Mid-Atlantic region and attending concerts, but is especially excited to get to know the 2014 MEPIs!



James Magee
Emmanuel Balogun
Graduate Peer Mentor

My name is Emmanuel Balogun and I am a PhD student in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Delaware. My research interests comparative regionalism, political psychology, and African politics, with a regional focus in West Africa. I hold a M.A. in Political Science from Western Illinois University.

I have years of experience teaching at the secondary and college level in Civics, History, English, and Political Science, and published collaborative works on African American voting behavior in the US and Comparative Regional norms in West Africa and Southeast Asia.

I love to teach and I especially thrive when I am able to work close with students and immerse them in the material.

I love to be around people, so in my spare time, I make sure I’m with my close friends and I also watch a lot of sports! My favorite teams are the Boston Celtics in the NBA, New England Patriots in the NFL, Bayern Munich, and I will be rooting for the US and Nigeria in the World Cup this year!


Juliana de Affonseca
Nikita Mutter
Undergraduate Peer Mentor

Hi everyone! My name is Nikita Mutter and I am a junior English and Public Policy Major with minors in Political Communication and Disability Studies. On campus I am very involved, some activities that I participate in include the Student Homecoming Committee, the Blue Hen Leadership Program, and the Study Abroad Ambassadors. I currently am an RA in the Rodney Complex which houses freshmen students, and I am an undergraduate assistant at the Institute for Global Studies which handles all of the study abroad experiences. I was lucky enough to study abroad my freshman year and am excited to be studying abroad again in 2015! I currently live in Maryland, but have lived in many different places due to my military upbringing. In my free time I like exploring new places, reading, writing, and enjoying time with my friends and family. I am incredibly excited to meet everyone and to have an amazing summer!


Ryan McCabe
Shalu Kodiyattu
Undergraduate Peer Mentor
Hi lovely people! My name is Shalu Kodiyattu and I am a rising senior at the University of Delaware majoring in International Relations with a specialization in the Middle East and a minor in Islamic Studies with the Arabic language. I am originally from Philadelphia, the best city in the world. Besides working as a Resident Assistant on campus, I am also a part of Gospel Choir and International Justice Mission. In my free time, I enjoy watching Bollywood movies, curling up in a chair and reading a good book, and going on spontaneous adventures. I am passionate about everything I choose to be a part of, and I will treat MEPI the same way. I am so excited to meet and get to know each and every one of you! This is going to be a fantastic summer!



Doris Carrion

Alex Waad
Undergraduate Residence Advisor

Hi everyone! My name is Alex Waad, and I am a sophomore at the University of Delaware majoring in Interpersonal Communications and Spanish Language & Literature with minors in Human Development & Family Studies as well as Organizational & Community Leadership. I’m from Newark, Delaware, so the University of Delaware has always been a spot close to home. After graduating, I hope to pursue a Master’s degree in Student Affairs Counseling and enter the field of Student Affairs.

In my spare time, I love going to coffee shops, doing yoga, and reading the news. I absolutely love to travel! My favorite part about going to a new area is finding the best local coffee shop and settling down with a great cup of coffee and a nice book. I am looking forward to meeting you all and helping make your MEPI experience everything it can be!


Ryan McCabe

Alicia Donahoe
Undergraduate Residence Advisor


Hello, my name is Alicia Donahoe, I am a rising senior at the University of Delaware. I am studying Interpersonal Communications with Minors in Theater and Organizational Leadership.

On campus I am an RA and a part of Harrington Theater Arts Company. Some of my favorite things include traveling anywhere and everywhere, playing games, watching movies, reading, and going on picnics. The MEPI program is going to be absolutely phenomenal and I am so excited to be a part of the terrific team! I cannot wait for you to arrive and share in this fantastic opportunity!


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