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  • Dictionary:

    You will be provided with all required books and materials needed during the Institute. However, you might want to bring a translation dictionary to assist you with your use of English.


  • Electrical Appliances:

    The standard electrical system in the United States is alternating current, 60 cycles, 120 volts. If you bring electrical equipment (such as hair dryer, shaver, computer), be sure it is compatible or bring an adapter. Please note that your resident assistant will have an iron and hair dryer for you to use.


  • Dress:

    Summer weather in Delaware is often hot and quite humid, (but there can be periods of rain as well). Generally, it is best to wear clothing made of cotton rather than clothing made of wool or synthetic fiber. It is also best to wear loose fitting clothing which can "breath" rather than tight clothing.

    Dress at universities is typically informal, particularly during the summer. Professors, for example, seldom wear jackets or neck-ties. Students are frequently seen wearing shorts, pants and T-shirts. Although jeans are socially appropriate both in and out of the classroom,it is not recommended that you wear jeans to formal events. You will want to bring at least one outfit to wear at more formal social events. It is very important that you bring with you at least one pair of comfortable walking shoes.

    Of course, appropriate non-western wear is always acceptable.


  • Luggage:

    Please pack lightly. Generally, airlines permit travelers to/from North America to check one suitcase for no charge weighing no more than 23kg (50 lbs.). However, we suggest that you check with your airline in advance for precise luggage policies. Inside your larger suitcase, it would be advisable to bring a small collapsible travel bag to use during our study trips.

    In addition to your checked baggage, airlines generally permit one to carry a small bag and one personal item (e.g. a purse or small back pack) aboard the plane. We strongly encourage you to carry with you a few days clothing and other essentials in case your bag is delayed in transit.


  • Medicine:

    If you require any prescription medications, please bring these with you on the aircraft. If you are under doctor's care for any condition, you might want to bring a letter from your physician describing your condition and treatment regime in case you need to see a doctor while you are in the United States.


  • Money:

    You will receive an ample cash allowance which will cover your meals and incidental expenses, allow you to purchase books (beyond those required for the course, which will be provided to you), have some fun, and still allow you to take some gifts home. In the past, however, some visitors have wanted to make more frequent shopping trips. If you wish to shop more frequently during the program, you might want to bring additional money or an ATM, credit, or debit card-- but this is totally up to you. If you do bring extra money, do not bring a great deal of cash. Rather, It is safer to bring traveler's checks or use the ATM card that we will provide you. If you do bring money, please note that foreign currency cannot be converted in Newark; one must travel to Wilmington (about a 20 minute drive) to convert money.


  • Toiletries:

    Although you will be able to purchase toiletries locally, you might not be able to find the brand you enjoy using. Therefore, you should bring an ample supply of toiletries such as:

    • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and other dental hygiene items
    • Soap
    • Shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care items
    • Antiperspirant/deodorant
    • Razor and shaving cream (if appropriate)
    • Sun screen lotion

    Because of the humidity, there may be some days when you will want to bathe twice. Please plan accordingly.


  • Valuables:

    Although the UD campus and Newark are generally safe, neither the US government nor the University of Delaware can guarantee the safety of any valuables you might bring. Therefore, you should leave expensive and extravagant things at home and remember to always secure your unattended personal belongings while in the US.

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  • Associate Director Dan Bottomley (Principal Investigator)
  • Professor Barbara Cullis (Business and Economics)
  • Professor Alan Fox (Philosophy)
  • Rachel Garcia (Program Coordinator)
  • Professor Tracey Holden (Academic Director)
  • Professor Muqtedar Khan (Political Science and International Relations)
  • Professor Jennifer Lambe (Communication)
  • Professor Jason Mycoff (Political Science and International Relations)
  • Professor Danna Young (Communication)

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