GET Internships

GET Immersion Program

Students enrolled in the GET minor choose one of two options to complete the minor — a paid eight-month internship (called the Immersion Experience) or a two-semester consulting project (the Non-Immersion option).  Students can complete either option while maintaining full-time student status and graduate on time.

Both options offer the opportunity to work in a global business environment in partnership with a major corporation. 

Option 1: GET Immersion Experience

The Global Enterprise Technology (GET) Immersion Experience is an innovative, extended work experience for undergraduate students. Students’ classroom knowledge of large-scale information systems is brought to life by hands-on experiences through full-time employment.  Through immersion, students develop management, critical thinking and communications skills — skills necessary for success in a global work environment. The GET Immersion Experience is open to qualified students from any UD college in any discipline of study.

Work, learn, and graduate on schedule

Most typical semester or summer internships end just as students begin to understand and integrate learning from school into the workplace. The GET Immersion Experience is much longer, with a duration of 8 months, spanning Winter Session, spring semester and summer. During this time, students simultaneously take courses while working full time. The GET Immersion Experience curriculum is specifically designed for students to immediately apply lessons learned during class to challenges in the work environment, all while staying on track with their anticipated graduation dates.

Developing future leaders

Participating in the GET Immersion Experience prepares students to serve as leaders in today’s globally interconnected workplace. Students in the program have the ability to:

  1. work and learn on site at a sponsoring company’s location
  2. get paid for working during both the spring semester and the summer
  3. stay on track for graduation by earning credits throughout the duration of the program
  4. interact with senior level managers and develop their professional networks
  5. build peer and professional relationships by working and learning as a cohort


Option 2: Consulting Project (Non-Immersion option)

The designers of the GET Minor knew that students have busy lives. For that reason, the GET Minor was designed to be flexible. For students who cannot commit to an eight-month off-campus internship, the non-immersion option is ideal. In addition to a dedicated curriculum, students work on a challenging project for a real client. The project lasts from the fall to the spring. Students learn not only to implement a real project, but how to interact with real clients.

For more information, contact Diane Wright,, 302-831-6515, Purnell 006.

University of Delaware – JPMorgan Chase & Co. collaboration

GET Immersion Experience

For more information contact Mark Serva,, 302-831-1795.